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Last updated 07.05.2017

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Website usability:

It is hard to decide what to think about WritingServicesCompany’s website, as its creators were clearly unsure of what image they were trying to create. On the one hand, it is certainly minimalistic: there are a couple of words about the service proper, there is a price calculator that takes into account only a minimal amount of factors – and virtually nothing more. On the other hand, there is a horrible LiveFaceOnWeb presentation that pops up every time you open the index page and reads the same chunk of generic text, which is extremely distracting and annoying, especially when you hear it for the twentieth time.


Prices offered by WritingServicesCompany fall below the usual range of your average writing service: price per page varies from $13.95 to $31.95. The only aspect that is taken into account in the course of price calculation is deadline, and it comes in three gradations: more than 5 days, 2-4 days, less than 24 hours. All the other factors: academic level, assignment type, degree of complexity – are overlooked.

Customer support:

Although the website states that you can contact the support team members via e-mail, phone or fax, it is not true. Or, at least, not true for the first-time visitors, as the only way you may get in touch with the representatives of the service is via query form on the website which, supposedly, redirects your questions to some secret e-mail. Chat is nonexistent, phone, fax and e-mail address are nowhere to be found. Some services, however, manage to do a decent job of using e-mail support – they answer quickly and in great detail. WritingServicesCompany is not one of them – I have been waiting for an answer for more than 24 hours and never received a reply to my query. I was going to place an order for the sake of experiment, so it didn’t do me any harm; but what if I really needed this essay? For a writing service 24 hours to process a simple query is intolerable.

Quality of writing:

For obvious reasons I wasn’t able to see the service’s writers in action – you can only find your judgment concerning the quality of their writing on the samples found on the site. Are they so good that you should try and get through all the obstacles set by the service’s creators? No – they are quite average. There are dozens of services offering the likes of them and they are much more friendly to their clients.

Order peculiarities:

·         Free revisions within 30 days after the delivery date;

·         Money back in case the order is not delivered before deadline.


I don’t know whether WritingServicesCompany doesn’t function or it simply was a glitch in their customer support system – either way, I wasn’t able to get through to them, although I did my best to try. If they used a normal chat-based support it wouldn’t have been an issue.


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