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Website usability:

The service puts up a good show – the design of the site is austere and respectable, so you expect clear-cut description of order peculiarities, pricing policy explication and all other significant details laid out. And there you face the disappointment: what you really need to know is scattered thinly among vast expanses of eulogistic texts. There is no price calculator – no pricing section at all, to be precise. Accepted payment methods are expertly concealed in a drop-down list titled ‘Card type’ in the Payment section. The blog is ridiculously useless as it contains entries on all sorts of topics only vaguely related to academic work in general, but not to the company’s services proper.


Oddly enough, such demure-looking service has a trait characteristic of third-rate joints: there is no information on prices whatsoever. The only way you can get an estimate is by sending a request via a web form in which you specify the details of your assignment. Naturally, you’ll have to wait for a reply, which may take quite a while. The absence of an online price calculator puts the service at a competitive disadvantage.

Customer support:

Phone: I tried to get through several times, but the line was constantly busy. Skype, MSN, Yahoo: the icons showed that the operators were not available at the moment. Sadly enough, the moment lasted for hours.

E-mail: actually, not much better than ‘snail mail’ when it comes to getting information on academic writing help. It took the support team half a day to reply; the answers were fallow and vague, so I had to ask my questions again and again, wasting more and more time. No customer’s panel is at your disposal as you don’t get to register. However, this might be mended by using Skype (if you are lucky to come at the operator).

Quality of writing:

The service being this user-unfriendly, I confined my order to a small essay I didn’t care much about. The result was average, the language not as crisp and concise as my tutor would have liked it; still, there were no factual errors.

Order peculiarities:

  • The writers the service employs have access to Proquest, EBSCO, Thompson-Gale, Questia, SAGE Publications, and Lexis-Nexis academic databases;
  • Copies of the sources used are available upon request for an additional fee;
  • Papers are made to comply to commonly accepted citation formats (APA, MLA, Chicago-Turabian, Harvard, ASA, Bluebooking);


UniversityEssayExperts is a well-designed show-case of a blind wall. If you are in a rush to get your paper done, this agency is not a good choice: even regardless of not so brilliant quality, the ever-sleepy team is hardly of help in case of urgent tasks.

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