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Last updated 27.12.2021

Service Features

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Website usability:

The website tries its best to look modern and stylish but the results fall somewhat flat. Yes, it looks as if had been built in the last couple of years instead of in the early 2000s like the majority of online writing services, but there is no usability behind this design. No prices, no useful information about the service or conditions on which it works, nothing. The only way to find out how much your order will cost is to fill in the inquiry form and wait for somebody to read and evaluate it and write you an answer.


As we were unable to get in touch with the service, and there is no indication of how much its assistance costs, we cannot provide this information. The only indication the website gives is a rather baffling figure of $39.95 per month – but it refers to the tutoring service the company poses, not academic writing.

Customer support:

There are only two ways to contact the service: via chat or by filling in the inquiry form and submitting it for evaluation. Online chat most likely gives out an automatic greeting, regardless of whether there is an operator or not; and no matter how long we waited nobody ever reacted to our queries. The same goes for the query form: if you have an essay or another academic assignment to write in a hurry, TutorsPoint.com is certainly not the place where you want to shop. As there is no phone number or other more urgent means of communication, it was impossible to find out if anybody is currently working there at all.

Quality of writing:

There are samples of the service’s employees’ work, but they have nothing to do with writing – they are programming samples, not samples of academic writing. Presumably it is their primary area of expertise, but such preferences aren’t mentioned anywhere else on the website.

Order peculiarities:

As there is no information on the website and the service itself turned out to be impossible to contact, we cannot provide this information.


TutorsPoint.com is rather baffling in the sense that it seems incapable of deciding what it is going to be: an online academic writing service or an agency working in distance learning. In fact, its website looks and feels as if content from two completely different websites got mixed together: here it speaks about placing an order on essays and dissertations, there it discusses the benefits of distance learning and the difference in prices between TutorsPoint.com and its competitors; here it places samples of its work, there it shows testimonials from people who clearly had their assignments written by them. We, however, weren’t able to get in touch with the service per se.
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Extremely professional approach towards my assignment and support, I will surely recommend you
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