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Last updated 04.06.2017

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Website usability:

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this site is useless. It doesn’t provide any information about the service, even the most basic details. If you think that the purpose of the website of a writing service is to give you the answers to all the questions that a potential customer may have, think again, as its creators seemingly have a different opinion. No prices, no FAQ, no chat, only an e-mail address and several samples of writing purportedly done by the site’s employees. The one redeeming feature is that there is almost no filler text as well.


I cannot say much about the pricing policy of this service, as its employees are very unwilling to impart this information to their prospective clients. All I managed to get from them is that every case is evaluated separately and individually and, although they have some system according to which this evaluation is done, there may be fluctuations. Apparently the actual complexity of the task is more important than its academic level. Average price per page for an assignment to be done in a week is about $15; it grows steadily as the deadline draws closer.

Customer support:

It is a weird decision to only use e-mail as the means of communication between the service and the customer, but it is what TheOnlineTutoring does. If you have questions, or want to get a quote before placing an order, or want to give some additional details to the writer you have to write an e-mail to the customer support, wait, and hope your message wasn’t eaten up by a spam filter. And in some cases waiting may take days: either the support is understaffed and overworked or they are simply in no hurry to react. The answers you get leave much to be desired as well – they are cursory and important points often get omitted.

Quality of writing:

The samples on the website suggest that it ranges from so-so to quite decent. If the samples are real, it implies that the service isn’t very selective about who it hires: getting an incompetent or a professional writer is a matter of luck here.

Order peculiarities:

  • Any number of free revisions until the customer is satisfied;
  • No refunds;
  • Discounts: for return clients and for large-scale orders.


All in all, TheOnlineTutoring doesn’t try very hard to make you want to deal with them. An almost empty website, poorly organized and poorly functioning customer support, a motley crew of bad and good writers… The one positive feature is that the prices are rather affordable, so it may be worth it if you want to take a risk.

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