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Last updated 23.04.2017

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No registration necessary; $10 discount for referring 3 friends to the service; 4% transaction charges
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Website usability:

The website is almost empty. It is refreshing, as you don’t have to plod through kilobytes of inane filler to get the necessary information; however, there is not only little filler but little information as well. In order to find out more you have to contact customer support, and customer support doesn’t deign to speak to you. The design itself looks as if it wasn’t renewed for the last 10 years or more –it seems to have been made with 800x600 resolution in mind, and in general looks like something from a middle school student project.


Every order is evaluated independently from all the others: you have to send the detailed description of your task to the service’s email, and they are supposed to give you a quote. The lowest price per page is $10, which is quite low by today’s standards – another reason to think that the service is either of very poor quality of was shut down quite some time ago.

Customer support:

The only way to get to the support is email, which is also used to carry out all the other dealings with the service, as there is not internal messaging system. Despite their claims of working 24/7 and answering all mail in a matter of minutes, I never got an answer to my requests despite waiting for more than 24 hours. A writing agency that makes you wait for so long may just as well be non-existent.

Quality of writing:

There are some samples on the website, and they are rather baffling. One would think that if you place examples of your work for public view, you would go out of your way to produce as good impression as possible, on the off chance somebody will actually read them. However, what we have here ranges from mediocre to just bad. No obvious grammar mistakes, but the writing itself leaves much to be desired.

Order peculiarities:

  • No internal messaging system;
  • No price chart, all assignments are evaluated individually;
  • No registration is required to place an order. The only way the service identifies you is you email;
  • 4% transaction charges.


Firstly, it was impossible to place an order since customer support ignored my mail. In addition to that, simply looks extremely untrustworthy. No registration, very little information about the service itself, suspiciously low prices, the site that hasn’t been updated since 2009 and general feeling of cheapness about the entire affair – if a business doesn’t care about the impression it makes, why bother dealing with it? Presumably low prices are the only selling point here, but drawbacks outweigh it by far.
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