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Last updated 16.01.2017

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Reward program; 15% “seasonal” discount; Membership discounts; Bulk discounts
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Website usability:

The website looks like a high school student’s first attempt at web design: garish colors, a ton of generic stock photos, copious filler text of poor quality. Bonus points go for an extremely annoying popup window offering you to start a chat – it is done in a completely different color than the rest of the site, floats around obstructing functional elements of design, and reappears a fraction of a second after you close it.

Prices: uses a detailed and complicated pricing system which takes into account the order’s academic level, its projected quality and time until deadline. Price per page ranges from £12.95 to £44.95. In addition to that, there are separate pricelists for other services, such as rewriting and editing. Rewriting costs range from £12.95 to £36.95 per page, editing – from £11.21 to £32.96 per page.

Customer support:

Available via phone and chat. Other than being rather intrusive (they demand your name, phone number and email before you are given as much as an opportunity to leave your query), the support is nothing out of the ordinary – relatively competent, but nothing much.

Quality of writing:

There are no writing samples present on the website, and the only way to judge the quality of writing is from how the service presents itself on its pages. The conclusion is rather unpromising: most texts are written in broken, repetitive English that is incorrect both grammatically and orthographically.

Order peculiarities:

  • Reward program – after you register with the service you will receive bonus points for every order you’ve placed. Once you’ve gathered enough points, you can use them to get rewards, although the service representatives are rather vague as to what these rewards are;
  • Service offers a “seasonal, limited-time” 15% discount for every order. There are reasons to believe that it isn’t limited-time at all – Wayback machine suggests that it has been around for years;
  • You can get membership discounts after the total amount of pages you’ve ordered exceeds a certain value. Discounts are 5, 10 and 15 percent after 15, 50 and 100 pages respectively;
  • Incremental bulk discounts are applicable for large orders, starting at 5% after 30 pages and going as high as 25% for orders over 180 pages.


Other than a very amateurish and annoying website, doesn’t stand out from the crowd very much. Filler text is awful, but it is true for the majority of writing services, ironic as it may be; prices are average, customer support is typical. The only thing worth mentioning is its copious discounts: constant seasonal discounts, discounts for return clients, discounts for bulk orders, which effectively make real prices much lower than they seem at a glance.
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