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Last updated 22.06.2021

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Website usability:

Although is plagued by some of the usual flaws of online writing services (generic stock photos, overabundance of filler text), in general it leaves a rather pleasant impression. Clean and simple design, convenient order form, demonstrative pricelist, clearly visible information about different aspects of the service – this is what you immediately see on visiting the website.


Price per page depends mostly on two factors: the academic level of the assignment (high school, college, university, Master’s, PhD) and how soon you want the task completed (variants from 3 hours to 11 days are available). In various combinations of these factors price per page varies from $12.99 to as high as $61.99, with some more high-level assignments not being available for shorter deadlines. There are some other assignment types (for example, dissertations) that have their own price ranges, but they are in keeping with the general tendencies of the service.

Customer support:

Customer support is available via phone and chat. Operators quickly react to your queries and usually provide relevant information without much beating about the bush.

Quality of writing:

There is a number of samples present on the website, and most of them are of rather questionable quality. Although there are no evident grammatical and orthographical blunders the texts themselves are simplistic if not primitive, repetitive and very shallow. They are interspersed with quotations that exist for no other reason than to fulfill the required number of sources and don’t as much research their subjects as recount the information found in the sources.

Order peculiarities:

  • You get lifetime discounts based on the total number of pages you’ve bought from the service: 5%, 10% and 15% after 15, 30 and 50 pages respectively;
  • Return clients can request the same writer who worked on their previous orders to write a new one by mentioning the writer’s ID in the order form;
  • You are required to provide all the information sources for your writer;
  • You can ask for a free revision within 48 hours of receiving your paper and only if you don’t change any of your original instructions.

Total: leaves a rather ambiguous impression. On the one hand, customer support is efficient and well-informed, website is mostly alright and prices aren’t excessive. On the other hand, what we have seen of the writing samples (if they are real) isn’t very impressive, and it is doubtful that they can be rated by professors as anything but token submissions not worthy of high grades.
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