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Last updated 27.12.2016

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Website usability:

At a glance, PurchaseEssaysOnline.com looks exactly like dozens of similar other services. However, there are differences, and mostly not very pleasant ones. For one, there is something wrong with the website itself – screen often jerks in a most annoying manner when you try to gradually scroll it up or down, and it is not limited to one page but is a site-wide problem. Beside this and some other bothersome glitches, there isn’t much to say about the website’s usability – it is exactly the same as dozens upon dozens of its ilk. However, the fact that nobody bothers to deal with these obvious problems is a very poor recommendation of the service.


Pricing policy used by PurchaseEssaysOnline.com is a rather weird one. Price per page ranges from $12.99 to $26.98 and is based entirely on two factors: the degree of urgency and something that is loosely defined as quality. Quality is available in two variants: Standard and Premium, with the only difference, price-wise, being that Premium is exactly $2 more expensive than Standard. The difference between more and less urgent is also not very impressive.

Customer support:

Available via phone and email; unfortunately there is no online chat. Operators usually answer your queries fairly quickly, but sometimes take their sweet time getting back to you and communicate in fairly basic English.

Quality of writing:

There are no writing samples on the website, so the only way to judge the service’s approach to its written content is what text is present on the website per se. It is predictably bad, obviously written by non-native speakers with a rather cursory acquaintance with English grammar and syntax.

Order peculiarities:

  • Free inquiry – you can submit a description of your order, and the service will inform you if they have any currently available writers who can start working on it immediately. You don’t have to pay anything until you know for sure the company can help you;
  • If you like the work of a particular writer, you may request to have him assigned to your next order;
  • For 7 days after receiving a paper you have a right to request a refund in certain situations, such as missed deadline, proven plagiarism, grammar mistakes, writer not following your instructions and some others;
  • Additional features: proofreading by an editor and originality report, both available for an additional fee.


The only thing that sets PurchaseEssaysOnline.com apart from dozens of other writing services is its slightly broken website. It isn’t broken to an extent that makes it immediately unusable – it just makes interacting with it annoying and unpleasant in half a dozen small ways. Prices are low and don’t differ much, which makes one suspect that there is no significant difference between a more expensive and a cheaper text.
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