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Website usability:

The best adjective to describe this website would be “annoying”. Many pages duplicate each other without containing any useful information; pop-ups jump out of nowhere and suggest that you sign up for a newsletter; generic stock photos flash on every corner; no FAQ of any kind is provided; typos and grammar mistakes abound, and an extremely annoying registration procedure demands that you inflict their services on one of your acquaintances if you hope to ever place an order with it.

Prices: belongs to the lower-middle price spectrum: starting at a mere $8.45 per page, its prices rise up to $48.45. One should take into account, however, that the cheapest price tag belongs to the assignments with the longest deadline (10 days), and you are unlikely to have so much time on your hands in most situations. Another factor coming into play here is an academic level, with more advanced ones naturally costing more.

Customer support:

Customer support is available via phone, skype, live chat. It is supposed to be 24/7 but certainly isn’t – chat is often offline, and you have to wait for ages before somebody gets back to you whichever method of communication you use.

Quality of writing:

There are no samples on this website, but judging by the quality of texts in the company blog, this is probably for the best. They are obviously written by people with a very sketchy grasp of the English grammar and phraseology, rife with typos and blatant mistakes, and quite primitive in their content. Nothing to make you want to hire those who’ve written them.

Order peculiarities:

  • Lifetime discounts after you order a certain number of pages in total: 5, 10 and 15 percent after 15, 50 and 100 pages in total;
  • Unlimited free revisions;
  • Seasonal discount offers;
  • Very intrusive and annoying registration procedure: to place an order, you have to give not only your email, but also phone number, exact address and ZIP code. Referring the service to your friend is obligatory, you won’t be admitted to the next stage without it.


All in all, there is very little to recommend about This service seemingly does everything to annoy and turn away any potential client that visits their website: customer support is often offline, registration process actually stops short of asking blood type and fingerprints but doesn’t omit much more, the website itself is almost useless if you want any concrete information, design is generic and garish… Ordering here is an effort, and hardly a well-placed one.
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