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Website usability:

This website looks almost like a joke, combining outlandish claims like “1.5 million satisfied customers”, “New York based writers” and “100% PhD writers” with design right out of early 2000s, barely working scripts and incomprehensible gibberish for content. “Papers online now celebrating decay in the industry of custom written term papers writing” is far from the most amusing sentence on the website.


It is hard to understand the company’s pricing policy, for the price calculator is wonky and doesn’t fully correspond to the price list (or at least, different pages of the website mention different price/deadline combinations). Apparently, the closest approximation to the truth is that prices range from $9.99 to $23.99 per page, with deadlines ranging from a week to 12 hours. Nothing but the deadline has any influence on the price: academic level etc. is only mentioned for cosmetic reasons.

Customer support:

Customer support functions in full harmony with the rest of the website – that is, not at all. There is an email (touchingly given in spam-resistant format) that doesn’t answer, there is a phone number that has the same problem, there is (supposedly) a chat appropriately called “24 x 7 Live Chat Facality” which isn’t present in any form – in other words, everything is about as bad as can be expected.

Quality of writing:

There are no writing samples on the website per se; however, the written content on its pages is so hilariously awful there is no need for them. Any commercial company that represents itself with a website like this has no right to be treated seriously. Virtually every sentence is filled to the brim with typos, the authors obviously don’t know the meaning of half the words they use, the syntax is broken beyond recognition – which is especially funny taking into account that website’s content is mostly composed of warnings against using cheap Indian writing services incapable of tying two words together.

Order peculiarities:

  • Apparently, full refunds are possible. The company doesn’t make it clear in what situations, though.


In short: it looks awful, it works awful, it reads awful. The order form is apparently broken. Half the links lead to 404 pages. Customer support doesn’t answer your request and, seeing that the website wasn’t updated since 2008, probably doesn’t exist at all. Prices are quite low as the industry goes, but one can hardly imagine a person optimistic enough to place an order here. In other words, the only potential use one may have for is reading its filler content for amusement – if, of course, one is amused by reading English so broken it barely makes any sense.
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