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Calculushomeworkhelp.com Review

All in all, it is hard to say a single positive thing about this service, except, maybe, for its rather affordable prices. But taking into account all the other characteristics the cheapness doesn’t serve as a very good incentive to deal with it – on the contrary, it makes CalculusHomeworkHelp look even more suspicious. Let’s see: it doesn’t process refunds, it doesn’t allow you to register, it doesn’t have an internal message system, the website is empty, the prices are determined according to the principles the client knows nothing about… Do you still think that low price is such an important thing?

11.06.2017 No comments
E-custompapers.com Review

At a glance, E-CustomPapers.com looks exactly like dozens and probably hundreds other writing services you see online. Generic design, ungodly amounts of poorly written filler text, lots and lots of unnecessary pages and all the traditional attributes of such websites are present – but when you take a closer look, it turns out that the situation is even worse. Some vital information is simply missing – for example, it is impossible to estimate how much your order is going to cost without undergoing a lengthy and intrusive registration procedure. Useful info, if it is at all present, is lost among the sea of filler text. Some functions simply don’t work as intended or at all. In other words, E-CustomPapers.com is a service that doesn’t pay any attention either to its image or the comfort and convenience of its clients – and such approach is, mildly put, an unhealthy one.

09.12.2016 No comments
Businessessay.co.uk Review

If it weren’t for the ever-absent support team, BusinessEssay would have been nothing more than your average writing service, with the horribly designed website, absence of useful information (which can be rectified and even overlooked if the support team does its job), and passable quality of writing. It is not the case here – the service is certainly not interested in getting new customers.

23.05.2017 No comments
Courseworkexpert.co.uk Review

It seems this agency doesn’t really care about doing its job – the non-functioning Order Now section, Revision section and Personal area testify to that. Customer support’ s performance is poor; by far the only point of interest is pricing, but if you cannot make an order in the first place, how can you possibly benefit from affordable prices?

25.02.2017 No comments
Essaywritingexperts.co.uk Review

It is hard to say anything conclusive about EssayWritingExperts because, unfortunately, at the present moment there is no such service – there is only a half-finished website that either was never in the working order or undergoes a reconstruction. Either way, a potential client has no possibility to contact the service’s owners, no possibility to place an order, no possibility even to check the prices in case the agency will start functioning at some point in the future – which means that for all practical purposes, EssayWritingExperts does not exist.

18.04.2017 No comments
Tutorspoint.com Review

TutorsPoint.com is rather baffling in the sense that it seems incapable of deciding what it is going to be: an online academic writing service or an agency working in distance learning. In fact, its website looks and feels as if content from two completely different websites got mixed together: here it speaks about placing an order on essays and dissertations, there it discusses the benefits of distance learning and the difference in prices between TutorsPoint.com and its competitors; here it places samples of its work, there it shows testimonials from people who clearly had their assignments written by them. We, however, weren’t able to get in touch with the service per se.

27.12.2016 1 comment
Brilliantpapers.com Review

The service doesn’t work. Probably they are passing through a preparation stage and simply write filler text in the blog for their site to start appearing in search engines’ results. Probably they are passing through redesign and stopped working temporarily to resume operations later on. Nevertheless, even if they start functioning eventually I wouldn’t be very optimistic about the quality of their services. The company that claims on its main page that it employs a team of highly skilled Native American writers can hardly be expected to have anything to do with either America or writing. Or English language, for that matter.

15.10.2017 No comments
Customessaywritingservice.co.uk Review

This company lures customers by affordable prices and supposedly simplified order procedure, but it turns out to cause you no end of inconvenience and bother. With poor quality into the bargain, their ‘help’ might draw down a bunch of new academic problems on you. Better not cheap out and find another writing service. Pay a bit more for the sake of peace of mind and a good grade – after all, what else seek academic assistance for?

16.04.2017 No comments
Thecollegehomeworkhelp.com Review

The cooperation with the CollegeHomeworkHelp service left not a bad aftertaste. The paper was provided on time. Still, the service needs to be fixed and updated. Some sections like “Price Calculation”, “Testimonials” and “Live Chat” should be added.

19.04.2017 No comments
Thecustomtermpaper.com Review

TheCustomTermpaper is a spectacularly weird phenomenon in the field of custom writing services. It has way more usability drawbacks than advantages of any kind, and the quality of the finished paper leaves much to be desired. So instead of lifting your academic burden this service may well bring more problems upon you – to the point of academic disgrace.

12.04.2017 No comments
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