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Last updated 20.05.2017

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Website usability:

Lots and lots of useless filler text, with precious little information somewhere in between. It is not the worst thing – most writing services use filler to attract search engines, but some of them at least have decency to separate the sections of the site aimed at people and the ones created for search engines. This is not the case with Online-Dissertation-Help – everything is mixed up, so you have to sieve through the entire site or ask customer support if you want to learn what you need.


For a British-based writing service the prices are not excessive, even on the contrary – rather affordable. Beginning at £11.95/page for order due in more than 15 days they only rise to £24.95, which is rather modest for a paper that is supposed to be done within 24 hours. Although it is hard to imagine someone really placing an order for a dissertation and expecting it to be ready in less than a day.

Customer support:

The service supposedly has online customer support – at least there is a button which says so. However, I’ve been visiting the website for three days in a row, at different times of night and day, and haven’t seen it to be online even once. You can leave a message and wait for an answer to be sent to your e-mail, but it takes time. I, for example, waited for about a day to no avail.

Quality of writing:

Although dissertation samples are mentioned several times across the site, they are nowhere to be found, which makes it impossible to pass any judgment on the quality of writing.

Order peculiarities:

  • Direct communication with the writer;
  • Free unlimited revisions;
  • Payment by instalments – you may choose to pay for your order in parts;
  • Discounts based on the size of your order: from 10% for orders large than 2500 words to 20% for orders larger than 6500 words. Currently the site states that this offer is only available till April 2013, but it is also says that they launch new discount programs regularly;
  • Unlimited revisions until the client is satisfied;
  • Refunds if the client is dissatisfied.


Most characteristics of Online-Dissertation-Help are at least tolerable. Its website design leaves much to be desired, but a patient person can find anything he needs. There seem to be too many dubious temporary special offers, but the prices themselves are lower than most. It is customer support that brings it down – their live chat is offline at all times, they don’t react to questions sent via query form. All in all it doesn’t strike you as a service that is very eager to receive your order.

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