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Website usability:

The website has generic but mostly functional design. There is nothing to set it apart from hundreds of other similar services, but the order form seems to be in working order, most of the necessary information can be found (although there is a lot of useless filler everywhere), price calculator isn’t exactly convenient but mostly works fine.


Price per page ranges from $12.99 to $26.98. In general, it takes into account only two factors: the proximity of the deadline and something vaguely defined as “quality”, which is available in two flavors: Standard and Premium. It isn’t very clear what is the difference between them – the only obvious thing that sets them apart is that Premium is slightly more expensive.

Customer support:

Customer support is available via online query form and chat. Operators react surprisingly quickly for such a mediocre-looking service and tend to answer your questions without you having to repeat yourself too many times.

Quality of writing:

There are no samples available on the website, so the only way to judge the quality of its writing is by the text present on its pages, which is almost ludicrously bad. In addition to looking like a rambling stream of consciousness, it was obviously written by somebody with only a passing acquaintance with English. It is rife with grammatically incorrect structures, words that mean something different from what the author believes them to mean, and simple mistakes and misspellings. Of course, nobody expects literary miracles from filler text, but a website that tries selling writing cannot afford to have filler that is so ridiculously bad.

Order peculiarities:

  • Revisions are available for free for two weeks after you receive the final draft of your paper and only in case if you don’t change your original instructions for the assignment;
  • Return clients can specify a particular writer they want to work on their order;
  • Refund policy covers various eventualities, offering full or partial refunds in case service representatives make mistakes of certain types. Consult the respective page of the website for more information;
  • Additional options available at an extra price: proofreading by a dedicated editor, plagiarism report.

Total: is an online writing service like virtually hundreds of others, with nothing special to remember once you’ve left it. Generic website with generic stock photos, generic color pattern, generic set of features, prices that are more or less average for the industry, generic discount for the first order and so on, generically awful filler text – you may just as well choose any other company with the same results.
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