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Last updated 05.06.2017

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Website usability:

Frankly speaking, I am still unsure as to what may be the purpose of this website. It doesn’t give a visitor any information about the company, it does a pathetic job of advertising its services, it is poorly designed: flash animation in the menu is extremely annoying, as is obnoxious music that plays on some pages. The only thing a potential customer may find useful is an e-mail address allowing you to communicate with the customer support, provided you still want to do it after browsing the site. In a fit of optimism the web-designer even enumerated payment methods, but one can be said for certain – the site does everything in its power to deter a client.


The price per page is not mentioned anywhere; the only way to find it out is to ask customer support. Even then you won’t be given an excessive pricelist – only an estimation of how much this or that work may cost. As every assignment is evaluated separately, don’t be surprised if you are charged differently for two similar tasks. Average prices range from $15 to $30 per page.

Customer support:

There is hardly anything except for an e-mail address on the site, and one expects that in a service that uses it as the only means of communication, the customer support is supposed to work like a clock. One expects wrong – after you’ve sent a message you have no way of understanding whether the service has received it and misplaced, or ignored, or it simply never reached its addressee. Waiting for a reply may well take you from several hours to infinity – I am yet to receive the answers to some of the questions I’ve asked. It seems that the customer support members decide for themselves whether this or that person deserves to be answered.

Quality of writing:

There are no samples on the website and no possibility to evaluate the quality of writing without ordering.

Order peculiarities:

  • No registration necessary. You have to manage all your orders via e-mail;
  • Discounts for large orders and for return clients;
  • No refunds, but unlimited number of revisions.
  • You have to pay transaction charges (4% or 6% depending on the payment method);
  • US and British writers are available on request.


In fact, it is rather hard to find anything positive about NeedHomeworkHelp. Useless site, customer support that works by fits and starts, no registration and, therefore, no customer panel to organize your orders, no refunds… it is as if this service has been created as a visual aid to show what such a company shouldn’t do. Prices are low, but there are plenty of agencies where you have to pay about the same on far better conditions.

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