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Website usability:

The website is passable but can hardly be called an example of high-quality design and usability. Useful information is scattered across multiple pages, order forms are inconvenient, FAQ is haphazard and isn’t even formatted in the same way throughout, texts (even those of instructions) are written in broken, barely comprehensible English.


Prices range from $12.99 to $26.99 per page, depending on how soon you want your assignment done (with possible deadlines between 24 hours and 10 days) and the quality of work. Quality can be Standard and Premium, with Premium work costing $2 more per page than Standard assignments with the same deadline. Academic level doesn’t seem to play any role whatsoever.

Customer support:

Available via phone, live chat, email and online query form. Customer support mostly follows the same tendency as the rest of the website does – it balances between middling and poor. Operators take their time reacting to your queries, sometimes you have to rephrase one and the same question several times before they finally answer it. It is not a very good idea to ask questions you can’t reasonably expect to be covered in their rulebooks – it can take them a long time to phrase an answer.

Quality of writing:

There are no samples, but you can judge the quality by the texts on the website itself and in its blog. We’ve already mentioned barely readable texts of FAQ and Terms of Service; blog posts are marginally better but are still written by people who are obviously not native English speakers: sentence structures are primitive, vocabulary is poor, texts themselves are simplistic.

Order peculiarities:

  • You can choose whether you want the assignment to be written in American or British English;
  • 15 percent off the first order;
  • You can order additional proofreading by an expert editor and a plagiarism report on your assignment for relatively small additional fees;
  • Free revisions are provided for a period of 14 to 30 business days after the order is delivered to you, how long this period is in your particular case depends on the size of your assignment;
  • You can ask for a full or partial refund within 3 days of receiving the paper; You may learn additional details on the situations in which you are eligible for it from customer support;
  • If it isn’t your first order, you can ask to have the same writer who worked for you in the past assigned to your new paper.


Yet another generic low-grade writing service without any visible advantages. The website is shoddy, customer support is slow, on-site texts are awful, prices are lowish and aren’t very dependent on what kind of order you place.
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