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Website usability:

All other things considered, the website has a surprisingly pleasant design: colors are cleverly chosen, all menus seem to work as they are supposed to and so on. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the website itself. FAQ is very limited, pricelist is inconvenient, texts are almost nonsensical – if you want to find anything about the service, you will have to contact the customer support.


Price per page depends on the deadline (varies from 24 hours to 10 days, with the shorter deadlines obviously being more expensive) and quality, ranging from $12.99 to $26.98 per page. Neither the website nor customer support are very clear about what exactly “quality” means in their terminology, citing things like greater attention to detail and better writing. In practice, the only difference seems to be a $2 difference in price between Premium and Standard quality.

Customer support:

Available via online chat, query form, email and phone. Nothing special – about average as customer support teams of such businesses go. Mostly competent enough to answer general and basic questions but having trouble dealing with queries that aren’t covered in their rulebook. Sometimes slow to answer. If you give them a list of questions to answer, they tend to “forget” about one or two.

Quality of writing:

Website doesn’t offer anything in terms of samples, but judging by what kind of texts its creators put on the site itself (their primary source of clients that provides the first impression about their service) they couldn’t care less about such trifles. Texts are rife with grammar mistakes and sometimes even misprints, sentence structures are weird and notably un-English, word choice is characteristic of a non-native speaker with a rather limited vocabulary.

Order peculiarities:

  • For an extra fee ($4.95) you can order additional proofreading by a professional editor;
  • For an extra fee ($2.95) you can get a plagiarism report on your paper;
  • Free revisions are available for 14 days after you receive your assignment and only in case you don’t add any new instructions to your original order. If you fail to contact the service within this time frame or place new requirements you will have to pay extra;
  • Elaborate money-back policy covers most potential contingencies and offers up to 90% refunds depending on the situation.


While’s design may give you an impression of a reliable service, it doesn’t last long. The quality of writing is subpar, prices are suspiciously low and don’t depend on the academic level of an assignment, customer support is sluggish – in other words, it is yet another shady company you hardly want to entrust your work to.

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