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Website usability:

The website is extremely inconvenient to use – there is little to say in addition to that. There is almost no information about the service – if you want to know more, you have to talk to customer support, wasting time, both yours and theirs. There is no pricelist – if you want to know how much your assignment is going to cost, you have to fill in the entire order form. In other words, there is barely anything on this website besides the aforementioned order form – they could’ve just as well not bothered with the website at all.


The order form is either non-functional or very strange indeed. Prices don’t seem to be dependent on anything at all: whether you order an assignment to be done tomorrow or a year from now (yes, you can set any deadline up to December 2017), it will cost the same. Assignment type doesn’t matter either. Even more inexplicably, there is some difference in pricing depending on the number of pages: 1-page assignment costs $20, 2-page - $40.99, 3-page - $61.99, with further pages costing $20 apiece.

Customer support:

The website specifically mentions that in order to cut the costs of their services the company eliminated all the redundant elements, including phone customer support. The only way to contact the service is via chat, which seems to be constantly offline. We have a strong suspicion that it serves simply as a fancy-looking query form. Whatever it is, they don’t seem to be answering these queries even on workdays: either they work for a very limited time every day or don’t work at all.

Quality of writing:

There are no samples of writing on the website, so the only way to judge its quality is by posts in the company’s blog, which seem to be intended as examples of essays of various topics anyway. Frankly speaking, they don’t add much to the service’s credibility – texts themselves are quite primitive and have their fair share of elementary-level grammar mistakes.

Order peculiarities:

  • Refunds are theoretically possible, but the company doesn’t disclose exact conditions in which you are entitled to one. You have to contact the customer support for each particular order if you feel you should get a refund – there are no clearly defined rules.

Total: doesn’t have a lot to say in its favor. A barebones website, poor design, probably non-functional order form, constantly offline customer support, absence of such trivial things as pricelists or a phone number – unless it comes as very well recommended one, can only wonder what can persuade a first-time visitor to do business with them.
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