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Website usability:

The website organization is passable, but nothing more. Lots and lots of text, most of which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and exists purely for SEO reasons. Precious little information is well-hidden behind the links in the bottom section. And some statements even contradict each other: for example, some site pages and customer support have completely different opinions on what concerns refunds and revisions, and it is hard to say which is right.


Although GetTermPaper isn’t among the cheapest writing agencies on the Internet, they certainly fall into the more affordable end of the scale. Essays start at $12.99 per page and get only as high as $26.98 per page, with other kinds of assignment costing about the same. As you may see, the prices are not only generally low, but also there is not much difference between the cheapest and the most expensive ones. At least when compared to some other agencies. The only factors that are taken into account are the time you give the writer and the quality level, although the latter doesn’t influence the price very much.

Customer support:

Customer support is organized in a rather off-putting manner. You can use phone, which may be problematic if you live outside the USA. You may write an e-mail and wait for hours until somebody manages to answer you. Or you may use live chat; which for some inexplicable reason demands your e-mail and phone number even when it is online and there is no need to get back to you later. I am sure that a lot of people, just like me, would consider it to be a prying and unpleasant gesture from someone who tries to make you willing to deal with them.

Quality of writing:

There are no samples on the website, so it is impossible to judge the quality of writing without placing an actual order.

Order peculiarities:

  • You can choose between British and American dictionaries to be used by the writer;
  • Services available for extra fees: additional proofreading by an editor and an originality report. The fees are negligible;
  • Refunds are possible. You have to contact the support if you are unhappy with the quality of writing;
  • The situation with revisions and refunds is rather unclear. One page states that you have two weeks to file complaints, the other – that you only have 3 days. Customer support simply says that the service provides up to 3 free revisions, without any regard to time.


GetTermPaper is average in almost everything. Mediocre site, unpleasantly prying customer support system, incomprehensible terms and conditions… The prices are rather appealing, but it is up to you to decide whether to consider it a saving grace or not.

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