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Website usability:

The website is very bright, and perfectly highlights the important information. It is very easy and nice to use the website, everything seems to be logical and on the right spots. From the main page you will be able to log in to your personal account, check the prices and guarantees.

Pricing offers a variety of choices for the deadline selection. For 10 days delivery High School paper you will be charged $13.95 per page. As for the urgent 3 hours delivery of PhD paper, you will have to spend as much as $59.95. The discount policy enables you to apply 5%, 10% and 15% discounts depending on the number of pages previously ordered.

Customer support

Phone: Phone operators are very friendly and co-operative. They call you back in cases of emergencies, which is quite nice and professional

Chat: my chat has been accepted only from the second attempt. The chat support will provide you with the needed information, however you might need to wait for the answers

Customer’s panel: Very fast responses, from both the writer and the administration.

E-mail: You will be receiving automatic updates concerning the progress of the order. This is a very convenient way of keeping track of the order.

Writing quality

The paper has been well written. The writer followed my paper instructions and details, also addressed the issues that i have requested later in the notes. There were some minor grammar mistakes and typos, however the proofreading would be able to fix that. The only comment that i have concerning the quality of the writing, is that the writer didn’t include all the points that i have asked for, even though they were trivial.

Order processing peculiarities:

  • 14 days to request a revision after the first version of the paper has been completed;
  • 25% discount for the first time users;
  • premium quality at additional $9.99;
  • in case you need the writer to use specific sources, you will have to provide the writer with them;
  • refund request has to be placed within 90 hours after the paper is delivered;
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2017-10-24 09:16:58
My friend advised me to use but till the last moment I was still hesitating whether it is a fraud or not. And now I understand that it was the right choice. I had to write a persuasive essay, but I had no idea about what I wanted to write. The author reached me via mail saying that he understood the requirements and proposed me the topics he could write about. I liked the topic about why it’s cool to be a vegetarian. In 3 days I received my paper, even earlier the deadline; it was perfect and done with all requirements. Thanks to writer id109482 I got my first A for my essay and I strongly recommend everyone who feels lack of time and writing skills visit and use its advantages.
Papper Type: Essay


2017-09-08 07:30:30
To tell you the truth I was pleasantly surprised with the quality level of this service. My friends recommended me to use it but till the last moment I was still hesitating whether it is a fraud or not. Well, when I received a finished work I found out that it is really good written and I am really glad to use it. I want to thank you for completing my assignment in time and with a high quality.
Papper Type: Research Paper


2017-09-01 10:03:53
I received my work and I am absolutely satisfied with this service as I received a high mark for it. My professor said that it is one of the best written works he has ever seen. I want to thank for creating a well-done essay for me
Papper Type: Essay


2017-08-26 10:21:41
All I can say is that a paper I received was good enough to say it is quite well written. I am not sure whether I will need a prof written works again, as I can write them well enough by myself, just wanted to test what the writers are there at this service. I think they are quite satisfactory. If I made a little more effort I think I could write something of that kind, maybe. Well after all the work was done well.
Papper Type: Research Paper


2017-08-05 05:40:09
This was the most horrific experience of any online service of any kind I have ever had. I ordered a simple 4 page argumentative essay. I gave them the topic and specific rules directly from my professor's instructions including exactly how many resources and even two locations for resources that need to be used. The first draft I got was 10 minutes before the deadline and it was obvious it was not written by a native English speaker even thought that's what they advertise. It was 3 pages with 3 sentences onto the fourth page instead as paid for and instructed to be 4-5 pages. It had 7 sources cited when the writer was specifically instructed to use exactly 2-3 sources. It then took me 6 hours to get any response from the writer or administration at which time I was TOLD the new deadline was 24 hours from that time, even though I specifically paid for the original deadline. This original deadline was 7 days, which is plenty of time for anyone to write 4 pages including research. The new deadline came and passed and again I couldn't get any response for hours. At this time the write messaged me telling me she would have the paper done in 12 hours. Well, Guess what... 12 hours came and went and I started messaging administration every 30 seconds for about 45 minutes, copying and pasting my message sending it to every category in their message menu. I must have sent close to 75 messages before I got a response that simply said "We will not be able to provide you with the paper, your message has been sent to our customer resolution department" at which time they booted me from the system and deactivated my log in so I can' t send them any more messages. If I had an address to this company (which of course they don't have) I would take a steaming dump in a plastic bag every day for a month and express mail it to them on every American holiday for a year. If you use this service after reading this, you deserve everything you get.
Feel free to copy and paste and reuse this review of as many times as you can
Papper Type: Essay


2017-04-27 03:49:29
prompt service
Papper Type: Dissertation