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Last updated 18.04.2017

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Website usability:

EssayWritingExperts is a rare example of an online writing service with exactly zero usability. It is hard to determine whether the site is under prolonged construction and doesn’t function as such, or suffers from some technical issues, or something else, but it is almost completely empty: there is only title page and short FAQ, nothing else. From these pages you can get some very vague and generic information about the agency, but, alas, not the prices, or terms of service, or even customer support contacts. Some of the links lead back to the main page, some are simply blank.


For understandable reasons we cannot say anything about the pricing policy of this agency. On their website there are no traces or hints concerning the price of their assistance, and there is no way to ask them about it.

Customer support:

Customer support here is just as nonexistent as everything else. If you try hard enough it is possible to find a “Contact Us” page, which leaves you with an impression that the site plans to start working in foreseeable future, but right now there are no contacts either on this page or anywhere else on the website.

Quality of writing:

For reasons that are clear from what is written above we were unable to check the quality of writing offered by this agency. Right now its website is a dummy that contains a number of blank pages which can possibly serve as a basis for a full-fledged writing service later on, but right now there is no way to judge how well it works or whether it works at all.

Order peculiarities:

The following information was collected from the FAQ but, for obvious reasons, wasn’t checked:

  • You can contact your writer directly using the message board of the service;
  • The service uses some kind of discount program for loyal customers, although there are no details as to how it works;
  • The service guarantees free revisions in case you do not like the paper;
  • However, they do not provide refunds after they get the money and start working on the assignment.


It is hard to say anything conclusive about EssayWritingExperts because, unfortunately, at the present moment there is no such service – there is only a half-finished website that either was never in the working order or undergoes a reconstruction. Either way, a potential client has no possibility to contact the service’s owners, no possibility to place an order, no possibility even to check the prices in case the agency will start functioning at some point in the future – which means that for all practical purposes, EssayWritingExperts does not exist.

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