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In searching for and selecting the most suitable essay writing service, a credible review can save students much money and energy. It is important that customers reflect on their experience of using Essay Writer, so other individuals can analyze this information and avoid risks. Personally, I view such websites as a helping hand for students who do not have enough time to complete their home tasks. Instructors are often too demanding and ignore the presence of adverse external factors in young people’s lives. I can outline my experience of using Essay Writer as neutral and recommend searching for a more beneficial service.

About Essay Writer

One of my classmates recommended Essay Writer as a good and cheap essay writing service. At that time, I had some difficulties with combining college studies and a new part-time job. I felt too exhausted to deal with tons of assignments that had to be completed on the highest level. I listened to my friend’s advice and ordered a paper on the mentioned website. The assignment for the literature class seemed to be too complicated and time-consuming. There was a need to read a large amount of text before writing the paper. I positively evaluated the general look of the site. The first thing that attracted me was a fifteen percent discount. The prices were reasonable, and the promises on the main page stood out among other websites offering similar custom writing services. I calculated the price of my future order and decided to explore the real benefits of Essay Writer. This service, like other student-focused sites, seemed to be friendly and simple to use. Moreover, there is a button for chatting with the support service.

Service Features

This company used a minimalistic design of web pages that included brief and understandable instructions on how to place an order. There are also many arguments in favor of choosing this academic service. I analyzed the website and collected its major features.

  • Expert writers — The Essay Writer website provides essay help for different types of papers, disciplines, and levels of complexity. It represents a number of professional academic writers that specialize in diverse fields and have the necessary degree for completing the paper.
  • Discounts and pricing— The company has generous discounts for students. The pricing is clear and easy to understand, thanks to the calculation option on the main page. The service justifies its costs by broadly depicting the advantages to the target audience.
  • Data security — Essay Writer claims to care about customer privacy and confidentiality. The data is securely stored and never shared with third parties. The company specifically outlines the importance of this aspect and mirrors its commitment to information security. This factor is critical for young people who do not wish for everyone to discover that they have ordered papers on helping websites.
  • The protocol of writing— Customers can easily and accurately discover how writers work on their papers. The protocol of completing the order is described on the main page. Hence, individuals observe the strict scheme of writing and editing the paper.
  • 24/7 customer support — This service offers constant customer service support to its clients. The top-level of assistance in difficult situations and aid in placing the order are guaranteed to customers. The website delivers instructions on how to contact this department in case of need.

Pros and Cons

I have found some important benefits that persuade students to use Essay Writer for completing their orders. Although I am not completely satisfied with this service, it is essential to stay neutral and provide justified review of the company. Hence, you can observe some crucial pros of the firm below.

  • Double-checking — The website fulfills its promise regarding double-checking orders. I have feared the necessity of editing and revising the paper on my own. However, there are no mistakes or typing errors. It is evident that the writers have proofread my essay several times.
  • Reduced price — The presence of promo code and discounts is attractive to me. The Essay Writer service allows saving much money thanks to their reasonable and affordable price. I am pleased with the fact that they offer a fifteen percent discount.
  • Alignment with the short deadline — The deadline specifically if it's short is an essential aspect of evaluating the writing service. I had only several hours to finish the paper. My fears regarding the deadline have not been justified. The writer has submitted the essay on time.

At the same time, there are adverse issues that lead me to use other services if I ever need to write my essay. They may seem to be minor. However, these problems should be addressed by the company because they have seriously undermined my online customer experience.

  • Support department work— As I have not ordered custom essays before, my natural feeling during this process includes fear and anxiety. It is evident that I have tried to identify all possible pitfalls and issues beforehand. However, customer service is not friendly at all. Most of their replies are useless and do not calm me down. Although I have received the paper that can be positively rated, the process of waiting is awful and stressful.
  • Difficulties in communication with the writer — The website promises the opportunity to communicate with the writer. However, I have not enjoyed this option. The responses are rare and non-informative. Although the paper is good, I have tried to discuss some things and make sure that the work goes smoothly. Issues in the customer and writer communication worsen my experience.

Essay Hub Writers

Essay Writer is a good service in terms of writers that work here. They are real professionals with strong academic backgrounds and excellent skills. It is also clear that these people are well-educated with a proper degree and in-depth knowledge of the subjects. However, my essay writer has failed to communicate with me in a friendly way and has not replied to some of my messages. This issue is stressful and mirrors a neglecting attitude to customers.


I have appreciated the prices offered to buy an essay on Essay Writer. I have calculated the price for my work and felt amazed as it is truly cheap. In my opinion, the quality of writing is the best considering the pricing scheme. I appreciate this aspect of the company as it demonstrates fairness to the students and helps them to save much money.

Essay Hub Guarantees

Many testimonies are shown on the website. They positively review the work of local writers. Essay Writer tries to guarantee the quality of its services by using the experiences of their real customers. This strategy is correct and helps this company to gain a broader audience. The short statistical insight on the site demonstrates that this company works with many papers. Students are also satisfied with the results if we look at the grading report. The feedback of existing clients is a crucial element of credibility of this company.

Customer Support

The customer support service has completely dissatisfied me. As a new customer, I hope to receive quick and friendly responses to my questions, even if they sound minor and unimportant to the company’s representatives. Every time when I have not received a substantial response to my messages, I have felt that the firm doesn't care about clients after they have placed the order and paid for it. The reputation of Essay Writer is likely to suffer a lot if they do not change their customer support services. I have received zero support while feeling stressed because of the urgent deadline. That’s why I recommend reading customer reviews before ordering the paper.

Is Essay Hub Legit or Scam

After reading this review, you may still want to ask the question about Essay Writer: Is It Legit or Scam? Fortunately, my experience shows that this company is legit. It operates according to the USA law and does not complete any offence regarding its customers. You can be sure that you received the ordered paper. Moreover, the information of customers is secured, so do not worry about fraudulent practices. I think that this firm is worth being trusted. It does not violate the law and delude consumers.


In conclusion, Essay Writer has delivered me a good paper. It is completed according to the instructions. The deadline is also met by the writer. However, my final opinion about this company is not positive. I consider that this academic writing service should focus on improving the customer support team as this component is similarly significant to the expertise and professionalism of writers. The reputation of the firm is formed by this factor. Hence, I think that Essay Writer should put much effort into improving the customer support service to equate with its competitors.

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2022-07-07 07:38:43
The help I received from this website was not what I expected. Its rating seemed sufficient to convince me that it would definitely fulfil my purchase. However, I received a very poor review of the book. It needs a revision! If it doesn't, you shouldn't write any work. Don't lie to your customers!
Papper Type: Essay
Carl Morgan


2022-07-06 06:41:10
This site seems fraudulent because it does not fulfil its requirements. We agreed on specific conditions, none of which have been met. My essay contained many glaring errors and was handed in late. When I tried to discuss it with someone in authority, I got no response.

Papper Type: Research Paper
Terry Cooper


2022-07-05 05:41:35
I wasn't expecting the help I got on this site. Its rating seemed high enough to make me think it would do a good job with my order. Still, I got a very bad review of the book. It needs to be better! If you don't want to, you shouldn't write any papers. Don't lie to your clients!
Papper Type: Essay


2022-07-05 05:39:26
This is one of the worst writing services! I had to go through three authors before I turned in a quality essay. It took a considerable amount of time, as you can imagine. I wanted my money back but never heard from them again. You are dishonest and unscrupulous liars!
Papper Type: Dissertation
Sean Peterson


2022-07-05 04:42:00
This service is one of the biggest hoaxes on the internet. I asked for your help twice!! every time you had a lot of problems. The first time around, it wasn't very good. The second time, it was sent too late and had a few mistakes. Change it or quit writing for good!
Papper Type: Essay
Austin Bailey


2022-07-04 08:42:28
It's one of the worst writing services in history! I had to switch writers three times before I could turn in a good essay. As you probably know, it took a long time. I asked them to give me back my money, but I never saw them again. You are bad liars who don't care.
Papper Type: Essay


2022-07-04 04:39:47
The service needs to be improved! I noticed diligence in the feeble efforts of my writer. She was sincerely trying to help me, but her ability was lacking. When I switched to another writer, the quality of his work improved, but it took him too long to finish my work. Use your own staff or hire additional writers.
Papper Type: Essay
Arthur Reed


2022-07-03 08:43:05
Service needs to be better! I saw hard work in my writer's weak efforts. She really tried to help me, but she wasn't very good at it. When I switched to a different writer, his work was better, but it took him too long to finish my report. Work with your staff or hire writers to help you.

Papper Type: Essay
Nicholas Young


2022-07-03 08:40:11
Terrible writing service. I couldn't get in touch with my assistant to follow up on my progress. When he sent me my school paper, it contained numerous errors and was devoid of evidence. However, no one refunded me for the delay and poor quality. This is not an indication of a reliable and efficient agency.
Papper Type: Research Paper


2022-06-06 08:39:04
This service is one of the biggest scams on the internet. I have used your help twice!!! each time there were significant difficulties. first the work was of terrible quality. The second time the work was handed in late and contained mistakes. fix it or quit writing forever!
Papper Type: Research Paper