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Learning is an important part of life, but not everyone finds it easy. Someone better understands exact sciences, someone music, and someone cannot live without languages. All of these people are wonderful in their own way, but sometimes there is something in common between them - a task from college. Is it worth wasting time on an unloved subject? The obvious answer is no. The only correct solution would be to refer to the EssayService. But is this service really that good? We are now cleaning it up.

About EssayService

First, it should be said that the service belongs to a group of companies and is a subsidiary. It is one of the best services that offer essay writing designed to help the student and save him from boring assignments. We are a team of passionate and dedicated academic writers who are true masters of their craft. It is usually assumed at some point that they are giving exams, essays, and cadets having a good time throughout the semester, and then striving to advance to the next course by whatever means possible. But students choose EssayService for a variety of reasons, many of which are exceptional.

  • You don't have enough time to complete all of your responsibilities. This procedure requires a significant amount of work and time. To complete all tasks quickly and efficiently, use the EssayService.
  • Self-esteem is a term that describes a person's sense of conscience. Students often underestimate their own skills.
  • You are eager to know more. Even if you assume you are a genius in programming, arithmetic, or physics, fresh information will broaden your horizons. EssayService experts will demonstrate innovative approaches to specific or current jobs.

Service features

EssayService is all about good, high-quality service and respect for customers. Yes, works are not always completed on time - but in general, you can put 5.9 out of 10. An important criterion of professionalism is the provision of exceptionally high-quality content for your clients. This is done so that a student who returns to college or university receives the highest possible score, thanks to the EssayService - essay help company. So what are the advantages of this company? Here are the main ones:

 ◦ The edition is completely free. If you find a mistake and want it to be corrected in a quality manner, just tell me about it, because all corrections are free.

 ◦ Good customer support is available all year round, 24/7. Anywhere in the world, in any time zone, wherever you are, wherever there is the Internet, you can order a job.

 ◦ Reasonable prices. They are not overstated, but quite the opposite - they help to save money. The main thing to remember is that it is better to place an order when you find out about your assignment, because the more you pull, the more the writer's time is worth.

Pros and cons

It's pretty unusual for teenagers to excel in every subject. Some kids do well in math and science, while others do well in literature. Still, others succeed only in physical education.

 1. Say “write my essay” and EssayService will help you with any of the following:

 ◦ Exact sciences such as mathematics, physics, computer science, accounting, etc.

 ◦ Humanities such as English, French, Spanish, literature, history, etc. 

 2. Originality. Only the best, one-of-a-kind products will be shipped to you. However, a personal check showed that the share of uniqueness was much lower than the declared one - only 53%.

The best writers go through rigorous testing before getting started, but this does not always prove to be effective. 

When it comes to shortcomings, keep in mind that management was unresponsive for a long time throughout the ordering process and the task was completed two hours late.

EssayService Writers

What about essay writers? Absolutely all of them have higher education and are somehow connected with the world of academic writing. Experts in a wide variety of disciplines will help you do your job really well. It is important to note that the company deals with all types of academic standards, the uniqueness of the texts is often quite high - from 80%, the authors are doing quite well with grammar. To get into EssayService a writer must successfully pass a language proficiency test, as well as pass a two-stage interview.


The first question everyone is interested in is the price. The minimum cost really pleases - $11.4. However, it is extremely difficult to say the cost for all orders as a whole, because each order is unique. What does this mean?

1. The price, first, depends on the number of pages written, you cannot get 4 pages, but pay for 2.

2. Further, the price depends on the type of work you are ordering - essay, thesis, term paper, abstract, etc.

3. The size of the work is also very important - a small essay or a term paper of 20 pages.

3. Execution time. The cost of work always increases, and it depends on the deadline. If the deadline is as close as possible to the deadline, then the price will be appropriate.

Pricing: You can buy an essay for as little as $11.4 per page on the EssayService, up to a maximum price of $17.1.

EssayService Guarantees

Although there are many types of academic papers in EssayService they are trying to improve it every day. As a result, clients of this service receive the following benefits:

1. Compliance with deadlines. The service guarantees the delivery of your work on time, not including force majeure.

2. Writers are always looking for new ways to increase their productivity while maintaining a high level of quality.

3. Projects with an individual approach. Indeed, according to the firm, each academic letter should be different and even truly unique.

4. Quality check. To check their work, writers use the best sources where you can check the text for plagiarism.

 EssayService is committed to meeting all customer expectations.

Customer Support

The pride of the service, in their opinion, is the round-the-clock customer support. This is true - the operator's chat works 24/7, however, sometimes there are problems with the response time of their manager. Reviews confirm that. 

Is EssayService Legit or Scam

The answer to the question “Is it legit or scam?” is obvious: EssayService is as legal as possible and provides only legal services. All rights of the company can be found on their official website.

Students often seek help when faced with different types of problems - academic or otherwise. The most popular problem among all students is the desire to have a high score on the diploma. However, not everyone has the opportunity to spend hours reading boring books. Therefore, the biggest problem is writing. Often students ask “Where can I get the finished task?”. The service of writing academic papers - EssayService will help you with this. All students can use the services of

The service can be safely rated 6 out of 10. 

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Reviews (about

Edward White


2022-07-05 05:34:09
Never use this site! It's only a source of frustration. I was expecting to get a quality essay, but that didn't happen. I wanted to do it in four hours, but it took me ten! It has no quality whatsoever! Also, the cost is excessively high, especially considering the poor quality and delays.
Papper Type: Dissertation
Emily Taylor


2022-03-26 04:20:58
I cannot imagine what could be worse than this writing agency. I had a pretty simple essay I had no time for. So I asked to write for me. My writer made a lot of mistakes as if she had only a faint understanding of English. Then I asked to change the writer, but this one was dumb as well!
Papper Type: Essay
Ryan Lewis


2022-02-08 10:01:12
how can such an awful service exist? it has no right to it because all the “services” are of the worst quality. i would rather say they are no quality at all! it took ages until my short essay was ready. but it was full of mistakes. i sent it back several times but then i simply gave up trying.
Papper Type: Dissertation
Brian Perez


2022-01-25 14:19:45
A very bad service. I can only thank that I have finally ended. Our collaboration was torture to me. I worked with an incompetent writer who reacted too slow to my instructions. She made a lot of mistakes while I needed speed and high quality. as a result, I submitted my essay too late.
Papper Type: Essay
Charles Rodriguez


2022-01-20 12:19:21
Dear creators of, what about professional ethics in your teams of writers and consultants? My writer was totally impolite and could not accept quite obvious criticism. I could hardly ask him to fix what’s wrong. When I turned to the support team, I received only rude answers to my fair complaints.
Papper Type: Essay