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Website usability:

The website does more or less everything it is supposed to do. It provides general information about the service, the price calculator isn’t exactly convenient to use, but at least it works, FAQ and policy pages are written in broken English, but at least they try to tell you what you may want to know about the company. Unusually for this industry, the website’s design is consistent – not that it helps much.


Prices are on the cheaper side of the scale, starting at $9.90 and rising to $48.90. The price of every particular order depends only on the degree of urgency and its academic level, with the influence of the latter being far less than one would expect, making it doubtful that the corresponding difference in writers’ qualifications is actually present. There are some additional services like proofreading, editing, rewriting and business writing, with their own pricing scales different from basic academic writing.

Customer support:

Phone and chat. Customer support is surprisingly good, all things considered. Operators react to your queries almost immediately and answer questions in their own words, without copy/pasting fragments from the rulebook. In quite good English, too, which comes as quite a contrast after reading through the company’s website.

Quality of writing:

There are no samples of the service’s writing per se, but there is enough content on the website to judge the attitude of its owners and founders towards their business and their customers. Both filler text and important content are equally poorly written, with glaring mistakes in grammar and syntax which make the writing look notably un-English. If the service’s writers produce texts of the same quality, one can only pity their customers.

Order peculiarities:

  • Free revisions for 10 days after receiving the assignment;
  • In case of plagiarism you will receive a refund or get your order rewritten from scratch;
  • Optional Turnitin plagiarism check;
  • Direct contact with the writer.


All in all, is certainly nothing to write home about. Yes, it has a website that is made using consistent design, color palette and image set, but one hardly chooses a writing service for its looks. Customer support also does its job properly, unlike content writers. Otherwise, it is just yet another of hundreds upon hundreds of mediocre to poor writing agencies peddling their services on the Internet. Low prices, low quality, content that doesn’t even try to be good – all these are hallmarks of a writing service better left alone.
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