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Website usability:

EssayMaster is an extremely good example of how you shouldn’t design a website of an academic writing service. In fact, it is a good example of how you shouldn’t design any website at all: there is virtually no useful information anywhere. The price calculator is obviously broken, as it shows complete nonsense: prices are the same irrespectively of academic level and degree of urgency, the quality levels are listed together with academic ones and so on. There is no FAQ and the only page where you can get something even remotely useful is “Terms and Conditions” in the bottom section, but it is mostly legalese gibberish having little to do with the actual services provided by this company.


It is extremely hard to get this information from this website. Price calculator doesn’t work correctly for almost all assignment types and the support team can hardly clear up this situation. The best approximation to truth one can get from them is that price per page starts at about $18 and rises up to about $48. Because, certainly, PhD level assignment to be written in two days cannot cost $5 per page.

Customer support:

Customer support of this site goes hand in hand with everything else – namely, it is just as bad. Operators simply ignore your questions and repeat their own: asking for your e-mail, asking for the details of your order even if you clearly told them that you just want to get some information, ask if they can help you place an order and so on. When you manage to get it to them that what you want they think for long time only to give some short and often inadequate answer. When you ask for an answer that makes a little bit more sense, they say to wait a minute and disappear completely.

Quality of writing:

Writing quality is questionable at best. A lot of words, very little sense – it seems that the texts were written exactly for the purpose of meeting word count and nothing else. Not many actual mistakes, but some parts are clearly written by a non-native English speaker.

Order peculiarities:

  • Free add-ons;
  • Free revisions within 14 days after the completion date (30 days in case of dissertations and some other large assignments);
  • Conditional refunds – if the order is late or the quality is insufficient, you are eligible for a refund.


Anybody who spent some time trying to understand anything from this website or get some useful data from its customer support is very unlikely to come back and try again. Tons of filler text, absence of information you may need, completely broken price calculator, unhelpful customer support – it is an amalgamation of everything that may be wrong with a writing service.

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2017-11-21 18:44:01
This is a total fraud!!!!!! do not order from My order did not pass plagiarism report from school. I have tried to contact customer support different ways with not luck..I have problems communicating with the writer. He/she basically copy and paste the info direct from the text. From my point of view he/she was not familiar with the topic and did not pay attention to it. BE AWARE!!!! don’t spend your money at this site!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!! my order did not pass plagiarism report and they did not refund my money as they stated on their website. I tried them because I read so many good reviews but it’s a scam!!!!!!!! really bad results. Do you work on your own do not get help from sites like this you will be involved and accuse of plagiarism and pay the consequences. If I oculd I would give a zero
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