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Website usability:

The company’s website is, frankly speaking, almost comically awful. It looks as if it was put together in about half an hour by a middle school student first trying his hand at FrontPage. The only purpose of its existence is, most certainly, to answer specific queries in search engines and host an email address, for aside from that and some filler text, the website is absolutely empty. If you want to find out more about company’s policies or how much your paper is going to cost – tough luck, you are better off just asking customer support right away.


Fees for each assignment are defined on an individual basis – you mail a basic description of your order and receive a quote from the service. On average it costs about $15-20 per page, depending on how soon you need it done and how large the paper is (the bigger it is, the less you have to pay per page).

Customer support:

Support is only available via email; however, it works surprisingly good, better than most chat-based ones, probably because it isn’t outsourced. The answers always come within an hour or two, are written in good English and up to the point.

Quality of writing:

Quality of writing, as seen in on-site samples, is rather so-so. There are no really bad mistakes, both in grammar and in facts, but texts in general are rather lackluster and primitive.

Order peculiarities:

  • Plagiarism report is available for $25 extra;
  • Revisions of a finished work are free of charge and not limited by time and their number;
  • Although the website claims that refunds are not available and the most you can hope is credit with the firm you may use for further orders, according to customer support there are cases when you can get your money back - namely, if the assignment isn’t done on time or at all;
  • Service claims to have subscriptions to a number of online libraries like Questia, which means access to high-quality information sources;
  • There is a number of native English speakers working for, and you may specify if you want one of them to work on your order.


The only redeeming feature has is its customer support – despite only being available via email, it is light-years ahead of what you see in most other writing services, even the ones that leave a much better general impression. Everything else, however, leaves much to be desired. The website itself is just plain awful, both in terms of design and usability, writing (at least according to samples) is subpar, prices are not exactly high but too high when taking into consideration price/quality ratio. In other words, good customer support seems to be not enough to recommend it.

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