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EduBirdie Review 2022

Sometimes, we simply need extra help to study in a more or less efficient way. Otherwise, failure may be utterly inevitable due to pressures that occur in the course of education. Work, health, or even some personal tragedies are, regrettably, unavoidable in the lives of the students. In this light, I want to present an Edubirdie review. This website offers custom essays to its clients. In the past, I have already used services similar to but never had a chance to use this site. Due to having a bad cold, I needed some significant assistance with a 4-page essay in History (specifically, my topic had to do with Rome and its collapse). Regrettably, my time limits were very tight. Thus, I chose the option of writing the paper within eight hours. Some would expect a very happy story here. However, the reality is far more prosaic: did deliver my paper but with several caveats. While I cannot say that the service is utterly terrible, it is difficult to call the company behind Edubirdie a top option.

About is a relatively young company. Most likely, the problems that I have encountered have to do with this fact. The site appeared 6 years ago (in 2015), founded by a USA company with Eastern European ties. The owners of the Edubirdie present it as one of the greatest websites for getting essays and various papers. In this regard, boastful figures appear on the key online resource of the essay writing service. According to the company data, they have written 380000 orders and feature more than 800 writers. I also liked the scope of the deadlines the service offers. You can ask to write a paper within a 3-hour period or prolong the period to 14 days. Generally, as you may see, the promises of Edubirdie are extensive even though they’re not very different from the ones offered by other websites. As you will see further, they’re indeed promises. While the service delivers on some of its claims, many things don’t go as smoothly as the website seeks to state.

Service Features

While it is clear that I am not the biggest fan of the service, I have to admit that does some aspects of essay help quite well. Here are some of the key features that I personally liked and can confirm that they exist:

  • No plagiarism. All I can say is that my paper was indeed 100% original. In this regard, I faced no disappointments. No negative comments regarding this aspect exist on the Internet too.
  • Presence of a support team. While my outlook regarding the support specialists of Edubirdie is negative, I have to admit that their presence is a reassuring fact. Yes, as you will find out, they work quite slowly. Nonetheless, you will get your answer after some time.
  • Ability to choose your writers. The site also offers an opportunity to choose your experts. In this way, you can pick between the expensive experts who were rated quite well and less professional but cheaper ones.

All in all, the features are characteristic of other similar services. You can expect a very traditional experience here (with some very big controversies, however).

Pros and Cons

Regrettably, I have found more cons than pros in this case. I will begin with two positives that I have found:

  • Guarantees are not a mere advertisement tool. As you will find out, Edubirdie offers several major reassurances to its customers. All I can say is that, contrary to some of the sites I have used, the service delivers on them. For instance, I managed to get a revision done.
  • Grammar in the papers is good. I know that sometimes websites similar to hire people who haven’t yet finished college. Obviously, you won’t get outstanding results from such people. For all its faults, Edubirdie delivered a more or less competent writer for me. The overall correctness of the language was more or less satisfactory in this case. The expert also followed the APA formatting instructions I gave them.

Still, there are some extremely large downsides:

  • No communication from the writers. I had a relatively short deadline as mentioned previously. Regrettably, the writer who worked with me did little in terms of reassurance. Neither did they ask any questions about the instructions even though, as I have found out, there were some problems with clarity. I felt extreme stress and constant anxiety that I fell into a trap due to this issue. Some of my friends who ordered academic help in this service also highlighted the problem.
  • Instruction problems. As I have mentioned before, my instructions were far from perfect. There were some contradicting elements within them. Nonetheless, no one contacted me about the fact. The support team and the writers who saw my order did nothing to inform me. As a result, the first version of the paper that I got did not fit all of my needs. Once I asked for a revision, the writer even had the audacity to reject it. Ultimately, the support team managed to convince them to do changes for free. Nonetheless, the experience was far from pleasant.
  • Issues with deadlines. Even though I had a very short time frame for the order, getting a final paper 10 minutes before the submission was not pleasant. I see no reason why someone could not write it faster. Other services delivered my papers extremely fast even if they had a two-day deadline.

All in all, Edubirdie did indeed write my essay. The experience was far from being very pleasant, however.

Edubirdie Writers

Today, the service allegedly has 800+ professional academic writers. I am quite sure that there are some talented individuals. However, the situation with Edubirdie is far from being good. For every great essay writer, you get several average ones who will not care about the quality of your papers. As a result, if you want something great, you will have to avoid cheap writers. is far from being as affordable as it claims in this light. The situation is not entirely bad: you can get a good writer; however, one can achieve this only at a big price.


Edubirdie claims that you can buy an essay starting from the price of 14 dollars per page. Getting that price, however, is difficult. Unless you give writers a two-week deadline, you should expect at least 20-30 dollars even with some promo code and discounts. Personally, I paid 120 dollars for my essay despite getting some promotional first-time-user bonuses. If you want to get a truly professional writer, the sum will grow further. Considering the moderate quality of the service mentioned above, I can safely say that is far from being an optimal choice in terms of the relationship between price and quality.

Edubirdie Guarantees

The website offers a more or less standard range of options regarding guarantees for its customers. Here are some of them:

  • Free revisions. I can confirm that the element works even if some writers clearly don’t want it to work.
  • Money-back guarantee. I did not try out this element, but the customer testimonies confirm that the policy does indeed work.
  • Confidentiality. Secure payment processors and the lack of demand for personal information make the service very secure.

All in all, the guarantees are more or less great. However, they don’t differ from other services in a significant fashion.

Customer Support

The support team is also far from being bad. Indeed, it does not answer as fast as I typically want. Nonetheless, when Edubirdie reviews claim that it works 24/7, they do not lie. I did not manage to get support specialist help immediately after calling them regarding my revision. Nonetheless, after several minutes, they called me back and reassured me that everything will go well. It did indeed go well in the end even though I had to go through a lot of unnecessary anxiety. Generally, the support service of works even if it’s far from being the best.

Is Edubirdie Legit or Scam?

Many people would have a logical question for me about Edubirdie: is it legit or scam? My answer is that the service is more or less legit. They do indeed deliver your papers. The element of scam is present in the promises that they give you. Don’t believe in the claims about professional writers and low prices. The service is costly and average experts are far from being… well, experts. In short, I see the service as a sort of a lottery. You can get something great out of it but there are no proper guarantees.


In the end, I would like to say that was a disappointment for me. I have heard many positive testimonials and, regrettably, did not manage to get the experience other people received. Indeed, the service does deliver the papers. They’re not even that bad. However, you do not get an outstanding service that they promise. Having used other services and met more success with them, I will probably return to the well-tested alternatives. For the same price, you can have websites with a much more responsible approach to writing. I won’t buy anything from Edubirdie in the future.

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Keith Murphy


2022-06-24 05:12:29
I am not entirely satisfied with the standard of the work I have received. I have tried to explain this to my author, but he either doesn't understand what I am demanding or pretends not to. In addition, he is delaying the deadline for submitting the paper. How does this happen? We cannot recommend this service.

Papper Type: Essay
Christian Cook


2022-06-23 08:12:49
I do not think there are adequate words to express my attitude to this writing service. It's just awful, couldn't be worse. My writer is apparently not an expert as my requests have not been met. I believe I could have handled my essay better. Who is the authority now?
Papper Type: Essay
Roger Rogers


2022-06-22 08:13:09
This service can hardly claim to be 'professional' as it is not. Why do I think so? Well, there are many reasons, ranging from the quality of my work to timely delivery. Moreover, what about cost? You must be joking if you charge so much for such low quality.

Papper Type: Research Paper
Noah Gutierrez


2022-06-21 08:13:28
I've never trusted so many writing services, and now I'm convinced that most of them don't deserve my trust or respect. At least this one is truly awful! The quality was awful, as was the 'politeness' of my assistant. She didn't know even the most basic tips on how to make my article readable. However, she was quick to blame me.
Papper Type: Essay
Gerald Ortiz


2022-06-20 08:14:11
When I ask for professional help, I do it in good faith. Your company can hardly meet the long deadline. You can't spend an entire day writing a single essay. Real professionals can complete an assignment in three hours or less. I missed the deadline and consequently lost important grades. Thank you very much!
Papper Type: Research Paper