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Last updated 07.05.2017

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Website usability:

The website leaves a mixed impression: on the one hand, it is minimalistic to the point of being bare bones of what you expect of the website of such a service. On the other hand, every move of your mouse is accompanied by jingling, swishing and other sounds, which is extremely annoying and looks ridiculous in our day and age. Speaking seriously, the site provides only the most basic impression of how the service works and what its principles are – if you want to know more you have to contact the support team, and it is not very convenient, especially if the service seems to be making it even less convenient on purpose.


Prices offered by CustomDissertationWritingService can be most aptly characterized as typical for this line of business: essay writing, for example, starts at $15 a page and rises as high as $40 a page. You, however, should keep in mind that it is only a rough estimate as the site doesn’t have an automatic order form, all prices are determined individually by the service’s employees and may differ based on this particular task’s complexity, academic level, urgency and so on. All in all, price dispersion is rather low, sometimes suspiciously so – for example, the difference between a High School and PhD level written page is only $5, while in some other agencies the price of latter may be higher by the order of magnitude.

Customer support:

The only way to get some information in addition to what is written on the website (and considering that the site contains only the most basic info, you are very likely to need some answers) you have to contact the support. It would have been natural to make this process as easy as possible, but the owners of CustomDissertationWritingService don’t think so: the only way to get in touch with the support is via e-mail or a form on the site. The queries are processed rather quickly, but the quality of answers leaves much to be desired.

Quality of writing:

The quality of the text received from the service was higher than average, but still nothing special. It didn’t call for any major corrections, but still it could have been handled better. And quicker.

Order peculiarities:

  • APA format by default – you, however, can specify what format you need;
  • No refunds – if the order is not fulfilled, you will only get a credit for further orders you make from the service.


Just yet another writing service, this time with an extremely inconvenient support and order system. And no refunds as well – they offer to give you credits for further orders in case they don’t do your order well – but what is the probability of me placing another order with a service that was incapable of completing the first one?

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