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Last updated 30.09.2017

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Website usability:

Speaking about the site design, it leaves a rather pleasant impression for a sole reason that this site has one. However, this impression is superfluous – there is hardly anything else. Almost no information on the service and only minimal functionality as well as links leading to Page 404 and a blog with the last entry dating back to 2011 make you think that the site hasn’t been supported very well since its creation.


The prices range from low to average, depending on the amount of time until the deadline and academic level of the task. The latter can be High School, College, University, Master, PhD and something which is mysteriously called ‘Exclusive’. However, the difference in prices between different levels is almost so small as to be nominal, which makes one think that they all are probably written by the same people. All in all, prices range from $9.55 to $49.55 per page.

Customer support:

When the message says “Support Offline”, it is supposed to mean that it is a temporary situation, which will be rectified presently. Unfortunately, in case of Custom-Essay the situation is different – I have been visiting the service for several days in the middle of the week and have never seen it to be online. The questions sent via the query form were left unanswered as well.

Quality of writing:

There seem to be a number of examples on the site, but they can hardly be called a good advertisement of the agency’s capabilities. No proper introductions, obscene amount of tautology, most texts are built on the principle “one paper – one source”, which naturally leads to a conclusion that each writer simply rewrites the source and puts some sentences into quote marks.

Order peculiarities:

  • Refunds are not provided under any circumstances and, if you are dissatisfied with the paper and can somehow prove that its quality is inadequate, you can receive one free revision. If you try to start a dispute they consider your actions to be a credit card fraud and inform the FBI and your Credit Card company.


At a glance this site leaves rather a nice impression: pleasant design, reasonable prices… But it kind of sums up the positive features of this company. The customer support is unreachable. The site is teeming with filler text containing almost no information about how this agency actually works and what are its money-back and revision policies. Most of the links lead nowhere. In other words, I am not even sure if this company and this particular site are still functional. The last blog posts are dated 2011, which isn’t very reassuring as well.

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