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CodingPedia Review

Choosing the best service among the plethora of options offered by the Internet isn’t an easy task. Each website promises the perfect conditions and benefits when it comes to completing papers and assignments, but how should you determine if all of it is true? Of course, by taking into account the opinions of the previous customers of these services.

In my Codingpedia review, you can find my impressions about the company’s features and quality of service. Like many other students, when I’m busy with personal matters or work, I use support from professional websites to get examples of my assignments and complete my homework more efficiently. This is my first cooperation with, but it was enough to give me insight into the company’s policies and work principles: I hope it will be helpful for you too!


Codingpedia focuses on supporting students with various STEM tasks, offering help with different programming and calculating disciplines. The company promises support from professionals in their field and extensive possibilities for personalizing your order. You can choose the deadline, size of the task, specify the subject and software you need to use. Hence, when I just found the website, I was both impressed and a little apprehensive—after all, such promises look good on paper, but will it turn out as good in practice?

Of course, I wanted to check for myself, so I placed an order at this assignment writing service, and despite my worries, I wasn’t disappointed. As you can see I gave the company an excellent rating, so let’s determine what exactly impressed me so much, and check if I found any pitfalls in our cooperation.

Service Features

The Codingpedia website offers you thorough support with coding, solving problems, and answering questions in other STEM disciplines. The site is designed in a pleasant though simple style and is very convenient to use. I quickly found anything I needed, from cooperation rules to the price calculator. Hence, the process of ordering didn’t take a lot of time, which was incredibly convenient since I was pretty busy.

The company provides assignment help with tasks of different complexity levels, which you can specify in the order form online. I needed an example of a small assignment to check if my own answers were correct, so I didn’t have to pay much. Moreover, if you aren’t in a hurry, choose a more extended deadline: it’s an excellent opportunity to save some money.

Pros and Cons

The service I received from didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. The promised benefits of our collaboration turned out to be accurate, and the money I spent to receive my example definitely paid off. Here are the pros of working with Codingpedia I liked the most.

  • Flexible prices and discounts

The price of your order heavily depends on such factors as task size and deadline. Hence, if you have some time to spare, choosing a longer deadline helps to save quite a bit of money. Moreover, the company offers discounts, which allows you to minimize the cost even further, getting a relatively cheap but excellently done assignment.

  • Opportunities for order customization

When you fill the order form, you can choose different characteristics for your assignment, add your recommendations on completing it, or upload detailed instructions. You can choose the discipline, deadline, and task size and select specific software or programming language.

  • Customer-oriented services

The customer support quality cemented my impression that my order was in safe hands. The manager was polite, answered my questions without delay. I communicated with my expert too to ask about the progress of my order and received a very informative and professional response.

  • High quality of work

Finally, the most important benefit of cooperation with the Codingpedia service was the top quality of my assignment. As it was my first order from the website, I was apprehensive about my assignment, but the results beat my expectations. I didn’t find a single mistake and using this example actually helped me to understand the topic a bit better.

As you can guess from the rating, I didn’t have many complaints about the service I received from I should note, though, that if you have a very long, complex, or urgent task, you will have to pay quite a lot of money for your assignment. However, even this con is pretty understandable since the expert has to spend more time and effort to properly write my assignment.

Codingpedia Writers

Codingpedia offers you support from experts in different fields who work from the USA and worldwide. For example, when you ask for help with an assignment that requires the use of specialized software or programming language, the managers will choose the most suitable professional. You can also communicate to your expert directly if you want to ask something or share your vision of the custom project you are working on.

Furthermore, if you’ve already cooperated with the service and liked the work of your previous assignment writer, you don’t have to choose someone else and worry about their academic abilities. Simply select their ID number from the list of options when ordering so your task will be assigned to this expert without extra steps, if they are available at the time.


You might think that high quality can only be achieved with a hefty sum of money, but Codingpedia offers a pretty sweet deal. First of all, if you place your order well ahead of time, you will pay a much lower price than for an urgent task. Moreover, as a first-time customer, I received a promo code for a 20% discount on my order’s price.

The service doesn’t hide the aspects on which your costs depend. When you buy an assignment, you can toggle the price calculator and decide if you want to change some characteristics. Such an honest approach is convenient since I can understand where my money goes. Finally, I had multiple payment method options, which allowed me to choose the most suitable one.

Codingpedia Guarantees

The Codingpedia website offers you a list of guarantees so you won’t worry about something going wrong with your order. These guarantees were partially the reason I decided to buy an assignment from the service since I didn’t lose anything if it didn’t correspond to my requirements.

  • A confidentiality guarantee

No one, including myself, wants their private information and purchases exposed, so promises to protect the clients’ data and limit its use to necessary cases, such as delivering your order.

  • A revision guarantee

If you notice that your expert didn’t follow some of your instructions, write to the Codingpedia customer support chat and inform them about the problem to receive a corrected version of your task.

  • A money-back guarantee

If the task cannot be revised, or if you decide to cancel your order before approving it, you can get a full or partial refund. Personally, I didn’t get to use the last two guarantees since I was satisfied with the outcome, but knowing that I have these options helped me to calm my worries.

Customer Support

Codingpedia customer service was as convenient and pleasant as other aspects of our cooperative work might suggest. The manager I talked to about the service was very supportive, and their responses were quick and relevant. Furthermore, the website itself was very customer-oriented: it is easy to navigate, it has a list of necessary rules and FAQs, samples of the experts’ work, and reviews from other college and university students. Such an approach helped me understand the ordering process, the terms of our cooperation, and, of course, make a final decision about buying the assignment at this service.

Is Codingpedia Legit or Scam?

My overall experience of cooperating with this service provides a definite answer to the most important question of this review: Codingpedia Is It Legit or Scam? The price calculation was transparent, the customer service was helpful and supportive, and the outcome exceeded expectations. Hence, I can undoubtedly respond that is indeed a legitimate service, and I rated it accordingly to the results I received from our cooperation.

Judging from the quality of my completed assignment, it actually employs professionals who know their subject well. I’ll choose this company over other sites when I need to order an assignment for the next time, and my readiness to return is probably the best proof of their excellent service.


The rating I assigned to this website in my review is definitely deserved as I was completely satisfied by the service. From the beginning, when I read the clearly stated rules, considered customer testimonies and talked to the customer support manager, I could see that the service pays a lot of attention to accommodate the clients.

Moreover, our deal wasn’t too expensive as the company is very supportive to first-time customers, providing a convenient discount coupon and various payment options. The results only proved what the facts suggested from the beginning, demonstrating the legitimacy and trustworthiness of this service. Thus, this website is a perfect place for students in need of quality assignments and assignments in the STEM field.

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Zachary Cruz


2022-06-15 06:32:38
I would like to leave my thanks to the management of this service and personally to my writer Joan. She was very attentive and I enjoyed our quick communication. All my requirements were met and I got an A+! This is what I wanted and I got it. Thank you so much!!!
Papper Type: Essay
Douglas Parker


2022-06-15 02:32:18
I would like to leave my thanks to the management of this service and personally to my clerk Joan. She was very attentive and I enjoyed our quick communication. All my requirements were met and I got an A+! This is what I wanted and I got it. Thank you so much!!!
Papper Type: Essay
Peter Edwards


2022-06-14 10:33:03
This service is a great writing company that has everything a student could want. Professional writers work here and I know that all of them are great experts. I have been able to turn in great papers and only get the best results. The only thing I don't like is the wait for the site to load on my phone.
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Walter Reyes


2022-06-14 06:34:01
I am very grateful to the author of this service. He is a great helper who is very attentive to the client and his needs. I liked our cooperation and the result of my essay. I got an A+! If something happens again, I will already know where to get the quality help I need.
Papper Type: Essay
Kyle Collins


2022-06-14 05:33:31
The service and conditions are excellent. I liked everything from the choice of experts to the security settings. However, I often need help out of the blue. I wish the experts could complete my abstract in an hour. However, I realise that this is almost impossible as they need time to research.
Papper Type: Essay
Ethan Stewart


2022-06-13 11:34:31
For me this is the best essay writing service. It offers everything I need - quality, speed, all kinds of skills (I really need a lot of them) and complete anonymity. The prices are quite fair and I can always get help, even if it's deep at night. Thank you very much for the help!
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