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Last updated 18.05.2017

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Website usability:

At first the site looks confusing: too many links, buttons, special offers and so on. However, after looking through it for a short time everything becomes completely clear. There is an easy-to-understand pricing table, samples, links to all the pages that are of any use are located in the topmost section. There is a lot of filler text as well, but it is not mixed with the part of the site that is made for visitors.


The prices are more than reasonable – I would rather say that they are among the lowest in this business. Price per page starts at $11 and gets only as high as $20. The principle according to which it is formed is rather interesting as well: just like with the majority of writing services one of the determining factors is the deadline but, as you may see, the difference between the most and the least urgent is mere nine dollars, while in some other agencies the price for the most urgent assignment may be ten times higher. The only other factor that is taken into account is the presence or absence of citation – papers with citations cost slightly more.

Customer support:

According to support operators, the site has online chat support (albeit not round-the-clock one), but it doesn’t function at the moment because of technical problems. The best way to contact them is via e-mail – the operator answers almost immediately and provides detailed answers. First I’ve tried to contact them via query form, but they haven’t received my question.

You can also contact them via phone, but they seemingly only have a mobile number, and a Korean one at that.

Quality of writing:

As far as it can be deduced from the samples present on the website, the service really follows their clients’ instructions to the letter. When they are told to keep the language simple, they do so, when they are told to pay specific attention to this or that detail, they do. The overall quality is surprisingly high, taking into account the prices, there are no misprints and grammar irregularities. This is still just a sample though.

Order peculiarities:

  • Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied;
  • You can supervise your order with the help of customer support;
  • You can change instructions concerning your order within 2 hours after it is confirmed;
  • Refunds for plagiarized papers.


A well-rounded service where everything is in its place: good samples, price calculator and the prices themselves. The only drawback is its customer support: online chat and query form don’t function, and the only phone is a Korean mobile number. However, they say that it is a temporary technical issue. Judging by the speed they reacted to my e-mail, I can readily believe that I just visited the site at the wrong time.

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