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Last updated 11.06.2017

Service Features

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4% or 6% transaction charge in addition to the payment proper; Discounts for return customers and large orders
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Website usability:

I have no idea as to the purpose of this website. For all practical purposes it is empty – there is hardly anything but a flashy menu and an e-mail to contact the customer support – in other words, bare bones of a website. Either it isn’t finished or its purpose is completely different from attracting customers, it is hard to say. One can be said for sure – if you want to find out anything about the service you’ve come to the wrong place.


Taking into account all the other distinctive features of this service, it would have been surprising if it asked a lot for its assistance. It seems that the people behind CalculusHomworkHelp at least understand this – the price per page doesn’t usually rise above $30. The lowest cost is about $15 per page, but it refers mostly to simple tasks that are to be done in a week or so.

Customer support:

Customer support managed via e-mail may be a good thing – after all, it is an easy way to keep all the records of your communication. One, however, needs a fully staffed and hard-working support team to pull this trick, which is, obviously, not the case with CalculusHomeworkHelp. You never know whether the service received your message at all – answers don’t come for days.

Quality of writing:

There are no examples of texts provided by the service, and it is impossible to form a judgment about their quality without placing an order.

Order peculiarities:

  • Plagiarism report is available for an extra fee;
  • Revisions are provided for unlimited period of time as long as you don’t change your initial instructions;
  • No refunds;
  • You control your orders via e-mail; additional communication with the writer is carried out in the same way as well, through the medium of customer support;
  • No refunds;
  • Return customers may get discounts;
  • UK and US writers are available on request.


All in all, it is hard to say a single positive thing about this service, except, maybe, for its rather affordable prices. But taking into account all the other characteristics the cheapness doesn’t serve as a very good incentive to deal with it – on the contrary, it makes CalculusHomeworkHelp look even more suspicious. Let’s see: it doesn’t process refunds, it doesn’t allow you to register, it doesn’t have an internal message system, the website is empty, the prices are determined according to the principles the client knows nothing about… Do you still think that low price is such an important thing?

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