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Website usability: is awful for many reasons: because it uses a particularly virulent shade of yellow as its primary color, because some of its information pages are obviously missing, because some links redirect you to spammy third-party websites, because of generic clipart and stock photos it uses for decoration. If there is a website that does everything to ward off potential clients, it is this one.


Price depends on exactly 2 factors: the urgency of the order and some intangible quality that is imaginatively called “quality” and can be either Standard or Premium. No explanation is given as to how they differ from one another, the only difference visible to the client being that Premium costs you an extra $2 per page. Prices themselves are in the lower segment of the industry, ranging from $12.99 to $26.98 per page. Academic level of your assignment doesn’t come into the equation at all.

Customer support:

Available via phone, email, online query form and live chat. The support itself is passable to middling: operators usually answer your questions eventually, but take their time doing it, and sometimes you have to repeat one and the same question several times in different ways before they finally deign to react to it.

Quality of writing:

As there are no samples, one can only judge the quality by the texts present on the website, and they are as bad as its design. They are written in broken English by somebody who was either in a great hurry or without a clue as to the language syntax and grammar, and abound with mistakes, omitted words and distinctly un-English sentence structures.

Order peculiarities:

  • 15% discount is available to first-time clients. It is also possible to receive additional discounts for large orders and during promotional campaigns – you can get the details and learn from the customer support as well as find out if you are eligible for any of these offers;
  • If you are dissatisfied with your paper you may ask for a refund or have your paper revised free of charge. Free revision requests are accepted within 14 days of your receiving your paper and should not contain any additional instructions that weren’t present in your original order;
  • Additional options available for an extra fee: proofreading by an editor and a plagiarism report.


All in all, there is virtually nothing, except for perhaps its prices, to recommend for. The website is poorly designed, barely functional and has seemingly internal links that lead to external websites that are even shadier than this one. Customer support is so-so, filler text is bad, and even rates themselves are suspiciously flat irrespectively of the assignment’s complexity and academic level.
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