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Last updated 23.05.2017

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Website usability:

I am not sure where the people behind BusinessEssay got their idea of design and effectiveness, but the structure of their website is pathetic in both of these areas. The menu is extremely heavy-handed: it occupies the better part of your screen no matter what resolution you use, when you hover your cursor over it, it constantly moves, clicks and flashes. And the best part of it is that it takes several seconds to appear whenever you open a new page, which is really annoying when you try to look through the site quickly. And you will try to look through it quickly in search of useful information, but in vain, as there is nothing of the kind here. If you want to find something out, ask customer support.


There is no indication as to the service’s prices on the website, and as my attempts to contact the support were to no effect, I wasn’t able to find out anything about BusinessEssay’s pricing policy.

Customer support:

I don’t know whether I contacted the service on a bad day or something, but I have never received an answer to my queries – and taking into account the way this site is organized, I had a lot of questions. The only way to contact the support team, as well as to place an order, is via e-mail, and it seems that even this doesn’t function properly. There is still a possibility of e-mail glitches, but if you are a customer it doesn’t serve as a good incentive to deal with such an agency.

Quality of writing:

The samples presented on the website range from outright pathetic to rather well-written, without any all-encompassing pattern. Some of them look good at a glance, but further investigation reveals grammar mistakes and overall blandness of their content. Some produce good impression from the beginning to the end. Assuming that they really are written by the service’s employees, it only testifies that its writers are not homogenous, there are both professionals and incompetents among them.

Order peculiarities:

  • You have to pay 4% or 6% transaction charges depending on which payment method you choose.
  • Unlimited revisions;
  • No refunds are available – you may ask for any number of revisions, but the service does not give your money back.


If it weren’t for the ever-absent support team, BusinessEssay would have been nothing more than your average writing service, with the horribly designed website, absence of useful information (which can be rectified and even overlooked if the support team does its job), and passable quality of writing. It is not the case here – the service is certainly not interested in getting new customers.

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