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Last updated 15.10.2021

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Website usability:

I don’t know whether this site doesn’t function yet or the service behind it does not function already with some parts still working because of momentum; one thing is certain – it doesn’t work at the moment. Somebody writes usual filler text in their blog, there is more filler scattered across its pages, there are even ecstatic comments on the quality of their services dating only a couple of hours back – and nothing more. No price-list, no contacts, no FAQ, not even an order form. Probably it will start working later, but judging by the way it looks now it will probably be nothing out of the ordinary. Very ordinary. The filler text is not simply poorly written, it is clearly written by someone with only a very passing acquaintance with English and the design is as generic as it gets.


Prices are not mentioned anywhere on the site.

Customer support:

There is only one way to contact the customer support – the query form on the site. For all I know, it doesn’t function, just like the rest of the site – I’ve sent a query in the beginning of a week and haven’t received an answer for days. The site, however, states that their customer support operators are ready to answer all the questions 24/7.

Quality of writing:

There are no samples on this site. It has a blog, but all the articles there are just filler texts. Both blog posts and the texts on the site proper are written in rather mutilated English. Of course, those who write filler text and those who write actual tasks are usually different people, but it is still not very inspiring for a service that provides academic writing in English to have a site filled with content written by someone who is unable to put two words together that would make any sense.

Order peculiarities:

The service doesn’t give any factual information about itself, aside from the usual self-praises: original content, round the clock customer support, affordable prices and so on.


The service doesn’t work. Probably they are passing through a preparation stage and simply write filler text in the blog for their site to start appearing in search engines’ results. Probably they are passing through redesign and stopped working temporarily to resume operations later on. Nevertheless, even if they start functioning eventually I wouldn’t be very optimistic about the quality of their services. The company that claims on its main page that it employs a team of highly skilled Native American writers can hardly be expected to have anything to do with either America or writing. Or English language, for that matter.

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