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Last updated 21.05.2017

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Website usability:

Almost non-existent, in addition to some rather horrible design choices. Three quarters of the screen are occupied by flashing, clicking and blinking page header; it is probably done to make it less obvious that there is virtually nothing below it: the texts on the site comprise of some information on payment methods, a long-winded definition of accounting (the site positions itself as an accounting writing service, although they just as well accept all other kinds of assignments), some samples (again, not related to accounting) and an e-mail address. Not even an order form that would allow you to upload some additional files.


It is hard to form any opinion on the service’s pricing policy, as it is very hard to get any information on it. Customer support states that the price of every task is determined individually based on a number of factors, but don’t hurry to elaborate what these factors are. All I was able to establish is the fact that Undergraduate level essays cost about $15 a page if you give about a week to finish the work.

Customer support:

Yet another example of a writing service doing everything to limit the client’s ability to contact it. The only way of dealing with customer support is via e-mail, and the time you have to wait for an answer varies from less than an hour to half a day. The quality of answers seems to be dependent on what operator you get: some leave most of your queries unanswered and jump to the ones that are probably covered in their instructions, the others give comprehensive answers.

Quality of writing:

Judging by the samples presented on the website, the text quality is good enough in what concerns its contents and formatting: the writing leaves the impression that some real research and work were put into it, the formatting is in strict accordance with the regulations and so on. However, the way this content is presented… is a little bit less impressive. The sentence structures and word order sometimes are extremely weird or outright incorrect, the author quite often repeats himself and states the obvious. However, the spelling is good – I haven’t noticed any mistakes or misprints.

Order peculiarities:

• You have to pay additional 4% or 6% transaction charges depending on the method of payment you choose; • Discounts for large orders; • Free unlimited revisions; • No refunds.


All in all, I don’t find this service to be very appealing. The absence of a method to communicate with the support team in real time, unknown principles according to which the prices are determined, overall closeness of the company are not at all pleasant features to deal with.

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