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Website usability:

The website is typical for the industry, perhaps slightly better than average. Everything seems to be working the way it should, which is already an unusual situation for an online writing agency, and most information can be found without looking for it high and low. In other words, the website does its job without annoying you.


Price per page depends on two factors: quality (First Class, 2:1, 2:2) and deadline. Prices range from about $14,99 to about $40. You have, however, to consider two additional factors. Firstly, one page is considered to be 300 words instead of the usual 275. Secondly, there is a “limited time offer” shaving 41 percent off all orders. In most cases, these “limited” orders on writing websites don’t have any duration limits and serve as nothing more than a ham-fisted attempt to create the sense of scarcity. Perhaps this is a different situation, but it is highly unlikely.

Customer support:

Customer support is available via chat, phone and on-site query form. Chat isn’t always online and it may take a while for the company’s operators to get back to you with their answers.

Quality of writing:

There are no samples of writing on the website, and the only way to judge the quality of writing is by the informative and filler texts on its pages. These range from passable to almost painfully badly written, rife with cringe-worthy grammar mistakes and obviously done by very tired people who are very bad at English.

Order peculiarities:

  • You can get an up to 25% discount by referring clients to the service;
  • After placing 5 orders during one semester you get a 7 percent discount on all further orders;
  • After placing 10 orders you get a 10% lifetime discount;
  • There are seasonal discounts – contact the company’s support team for additional information;
  • One page is considered to be 300 words instead of the usual 275;
  • 3 types of writers: best available (normal price), advanced (+20 percent price) and PhD (+30 percent price). You can specify which you want when placing an order.


AcademiaWriting is just another writing service like hundreds of others. It may be marginally better than some because its website actually seem to be working, the order form functions, price calculator does what it is expected to do and so on. Prices are extremely low for the industry (if you take all the discounts and peculiarities into account), almost suspiciously so. In other words, if you want a bargain you will probably find it here – although the less said about the quality of writing on the site itself, the better. Perhaps the writers actually working for it are fairly good, but there is no way to it know for sure other than placing an order and risking your own money.
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