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Website usability:

The site doesn’t provide many details about the service and its functions: all you can find here is the pricelist and FAQ, which is not very helpful, because it dwells upon rather general information that is either obvious or does not present any interest for a client.


The rates are really, really low: the price of writing from scratch starts at $7.95 per page and only rises as high as $35.95. Business writing is only a little bit costlier: from $12.95 to $35.95.

Customer support:

Presumably the customer support is available 24 hours a day via phone, chat and e-mail. The reality is somewhat different – when I visited the site the chat was offline more often than not, and when I communicated with them via e-mail (thus, the operator was in no rush to answer me), the answers were written in the most atrociously poor English I have ever seen. It was quite clear that the operator didn’t understand half of what I’ve asked and his own text was completely incomprehensible, written with no regard to grammar or logic.

Quality of writing:

There are about a dozen samples on the website, and generally they produce a rather favorable impression: the language is devoid of weird un-English structures and turns of phrase, the parts are logically connected, the facts are sound.

Order peculiarities:

  • You may send additional info about your assignment via e-mail or fax;
  • Refunds are not provided, although you can have your paper revised free of charge;
  • No direct contact with the writer – all communication passes through the customer support;
  • Discounts are available for return customers; you can probably get the details from the customer support.
  • Referral program – if you refer other people to the service you are awarded points, after you accumulate enough you may either get $100 from the service or use this sum to pay for a future assignment.


The on-site writing samples look decent enough, but the low prices and some experience of talking to the customer support of this site make me extremely doubtful as to whether they have anything to do with the writers working here. If members of customer support hardly understand English it doesn’t necessarily mean that the writers are the same, but it is a very poor recommendation for a service that uses such employees to be the face of their company. It is, after all, ridiculous for an English writing service to employ people who are unable to write two words in a row that make any sense.

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