Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who writes the reviews for the essay services listed on the website?

    Each and every review is not a subjective opinion. It is a real experience gained by our professional editors who evaluate all the criteria, for which each client is looking, in a custom writing service.

  • Can I trust the reviews provided?

    All the reviews provided are written, in a neutral manner, to share our most objective opinion on the custom writing services. We do not promote or disparage any particular service.

  • How often are the new reviews posted?

    Each new review request will be processed as a first priority. It takes up to two weeks for the evaluator to gather necessary information, conduct a research and assess the quality of the Product (written paper). Also, the company itself will select firms that provide custom written papers and post reviews of their services.

  • How often are the current reviews updated?

    Present reports will be renewed once the website proves that reasonable changes were implemented, in its service, to impact its performance. The editor will review the service and update the report only in cases where these changes are significant and are noticeable to the average customer.

  • How does the voting system work?

    All users of have the opportunity to submit a testimonial about a writing service they have used. In order to leave a testimonial, one has to rate the service, comment on its quality and include an order number as a proof of having used this service (optional). In case the order number is submitted along with the testimonial, has a responsibility to verify the testimonial by contacting the writing service and receiving their confirmation/denial, with regard to the existence of this order number. Therefore, such a testimonial can either stay unverified, or be verified if the webmaster confirms the authenticity of the order number.

    Naturally, verified testimonials have a greater value and serve as the most reliable sources for our rating system. If the order number is not verified by the writing service, the testimonial isn't published and isn't considered by our rating system. If the order number isn't submitted along with the testimonial initially, the testimonial is published with an 'unverified' status, but is still considered by the rating system.
    Thus, all the testimonials published on can have one of two statuses:

    unverified 'verified' (considered as reliable feedback)
    unverified 'unverified' (cannot claim recognition as reliable feedback).

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