How to Get Your Order Written Properly

Some students seem to think that when they place an order with a writing service, all their troubles are over – they can forget about the whole affair and go about their business elsewhere. But such notion can hardly be any further from the truth.

In fact, placing an order with a writing agency and keeping an eye on it is a task in and of itself – and sometimes it is not much easier than writing the text itself. Setting aside the possibility of your chosen service turning out to be a scam, or the chance of your writer to be incompetent, there are a lot of issues that need your attention.

Before Placing an Order

Check the service you have chosen. Enter its name into Google and look if anybody accuses it of scam. See if there are any sites that are suspiciously similar to it visually and if there are some, carry out exactly the same procedure. Ask around – maybe some of your acquaintances can offer you a service he or she knows to be reliable. Communicate with the customer support for a little bit and get a taste of what you will be treated like after you place an order.

Study the terms of agreement, especially the paragraphs regarding refunds and other kinds of guarantees. Remember – writing business being what it is, you are unlikely to get your money back legally in case something goes wrong and the service refuses to provide a refund. There are ways, but they do not always work and may be problematic to use, so it is better to check everything ten times than order from the first service you encounter and suffer later.

How to Place an Order

Make sure your order description is relevant, detailed and doesn’t leave any room for ambiguity. Make sure that the writer understands you correctly – ideally, you should use concise yet informative language, giving all the information that may turn out to be necessary for the writer. Reread your description and think: if you were a writer, would this description be enough for you to understand what you have to write and what the client wants from you? If the answer is no, think about how to put your requirements better.

After Placing an Order

Don’t think that after selecting a writing service you can simply wash your hands of this academic problem. You have to actually see if your assignment is getting written in a proper manner. And unless you have complete trust in a particular writer, you should oversee the entire process as carefully as possible.

First of all, you should always stay in touch, especially if the deadline is close at hand. Your writer may ask for some additional information or your opinion on this or that aspect of your future essay, so it won’t do if you get offline for a long period of time – in this case you will effectively paralyze the process of writing, or, as a variant, your author will write something inconsistent.