Mind Map for Your Essay

mind mapsAre you dreaming about becoming a high class writer? A better organizer? A better assistant? If the answer is yes, yes, yes, make sure to make use of mind maps. Some prominent writers of the nowadays call mind maps a truly genius tool since it can easily make your brain extensively work and fire up your creativity.

This exceptional thinking tool is a unique method applied to bring to the surface what is going on in your brain. When two tiny segments of information cross, the juicy idea is formed. Then the idea activates extensive thinking. In the process, your brain generates a great bunch of various associations that may lead you in many different directions. Continue reading

The Hound of the Baskervilles or How to Write a Deductive Essay

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When you are assigned with the deductive essay, you’re actually required to use deductive reasoning in it. In other words, you are going to deal with one of the most popular methods to draw solid conclusions. Deductive essay requires facts that will be then used to provide valid conclusions. The following recommendations will serve as a good illustration for how to complete the deductive essay on your own. Continue reading

Motivation for Main Course, Success for Dessert

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At some point you realize that you – a college or university student – have enough time to accomplish academic assignments. Moreover, it looks like you’ve got all related material and all you need is to get started. But that’s the trick! The hardest part is to actually take the first step. Sometimes it’s hard to get back to the work left long time ago. Sometimes it’s hard to finish the last sentence. Whatever moment you’ve got stuck in, you have lack of one special thing required for academic success – motivation. Why is it so crucial for us? Continue reading

Barack’s Obama Speech Writing Tips: the Guy Knows How to Talk

Barack ObamaSome people may not agree that Barack Obama’s speech is worth attention, while the others are absolutely sure that political leader of the United States of America always delivers on the highest expectations when the question is about the public speaking. Tastes differ, but the fact remains that Obama’s speechwriters work magic when it is required. Studying Barak Obama’s speeches provides us with valuable speechwriting lessons that may help us next time we’re assigned with the task to deliver a speech. Continue reading