Discount Codes Offered by Writing Services – What Do They Mean?

Discounts are an age-old method of attracting customers in all lines of business, and academic writing services are no exception: it is used far and wide, and the customer is often at a loss as to which offer is better.

Most custom writing discount codes are provided by services to a first-time customer – they either post the code on the main page of the site or encourage the visitor to contact the customer support to get one. Presumably they suppose that after a potential client receives this code from another person he will consider it to be bad form to simply go away without ordering anything. Very often this approach is accompanied by a system that offers a discount for a certain number of pages or orders you place with the service. Sometimes the total price of all your orders is calculated and, after it exceeds a certain value, you get a new discount.

There are, however, services that try to use discount without actually using them – they approach this easy and time-honored marketing in such a shamefully ham-fisted manner that I, for one, always feel sorry for those who, supposedly, think that such pathetic tricks are clever.

The scheme is usually like this: the service states that you may get 20% off your order if you contact the support. One logically presumes that it is said about a first order with a service, but something (for example, prices that look peculiarly uneven) suggests that it is not the case. The reality is simple – you can get 20% off your every offer if you so ask, which effectively makes the basic price 20% lower than it is shown to be. It is, needless to say, not a discount.

Another similar approach is a “time-limited offer”. The main page states that only now, for a very short duration, you may order any paper for 20% less than usual. By visiting the same service with the interval of several weeks or months you will almost certainly see that this limited offer seems to be infinite – probably they exist in some parallel universe where the time flows differently, who knows.

All in all, the best policy about using discount is not to be too enthusiastic about them. Some of the best services don’t offer them at all, simply stating that they try to keep their prices low. And this approach seems somewhat more honest.