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4 Reasons NOT All Services Offer Urgent College Paper Writings

Nowadays, the representatives of the custom writing industry recognize the ever-changing need of the college and university students, who are on the lookout for the excellent-quality content and on-time delivery of their non-plagiarized custom papers. By providing a superb customer experience, online writing experts see the real difference their assistance makes for thousands (or, millions) of students. Continue reading

The Common Traps: 3 Issues Students Face When Taking Writing Agencies on Trust

writingBy the time you are through with your undergraduate course in college, you will have to handle a lot of writing assignments. Your professors will require you to write essays, term papers, and your undergrad project to be able to graduate. It is believed that graduates should be able to express themselves clearly through their writing and that is why there is an emphasis on writing assignments when in college. Students are required to handle all these assignments themselves, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. Classwork and other college activities make it difficult for college students to make time for their writing assignments, but with writing services, students are able to outsource their writing stuff. These agencies, however, are not always honest and students who are not careful may end up paying top dollar for substandard work. To help students in this regard, here are the common traps students should look out for.

1.  Standard Pricing

The rate for academic papers should be standard, and students should not pay anything other than the set standard fees. Some agencies, however, don’t have standard rates for academic papers, and they rely on negotiations with the client to determine how much they should pay for academic assistance. Others, however, don’t always invoice the rates as earlier negotiated, and students are harassed to pay more than they should for their papers. This is a trap used by some writing agencies to fleece students. By the way, to make sure they don’t pay more than they should, students should only deal with writing services with standard pricing systems.

2.  Unlimited Revisions

The writing service you choose to work with should deliver flawless papers without any errors. This, however, is not always the case and you may receive a paper full of errors such as those of grammar, style, and formatting. When this happens, the student should ask the agency for corrections and not pay a cent for the revisions. Some services don’t offer revisions, and they may even ask the client to pay to have their papers done again. This is very unfortunate since the students may end up missing their submission deadlines as they try to find another agency to handle their assignments. It is also expensive since they will have to pay for the papers once again. To protect themselves from exploitation, students should insist on the unlimited revision provision to be inserted into the writing agreement or contract. If a company does not ready to offer you such a guarantee, you may end up receiving a pointedly-poor piece to make you pay more.

3.  Money-Back Guarantee

This is a guarantee that compels the provider of a product or service to refund the full amount paid by the buyer for goods or services. In the custom writing business, writing agencies may promise to refund the full amount if the client is not satisfied with the work done. Most companies claim to offer this guarantee, but when clients request for their money due to a poor-quality work, most decline to honor this request. To avoid getting frustrated, students should insist on having the money-back guarantee clause inserted into the contracts they sign.

Writing agencies are dishonest at times, and students should be careful so as not to be conned. If you look out for these traps, you will never face such issues.

3 Situations with a Writing Company That Should Be Wake-up Calls for Students

writing company Students have a lot of things to do when they are in college. There are lectures to attend, tests to sit for, projects to complete, and essay assignments to hand in. There is also the small matter of their social life where students interact with their friends, attend college parties and concerts as well as take part in sports activities. All these engagements leave students with very little time for their writing assignments and that’s why most of them resort to writing companies and agencies for help with this stuff. All you have to do is to furnish them with your assignment parameters such as the number of pages, title, the scope of the essay, etc.; the agency will start working on the paper and deliver it on time. Everything, however, is not all that rosy with these writing services, and students have to be careful so as to ensure that they are going to get what they have paid for. Some of these companies are out to fleece innocent students. In this article, we are going to highlight some situations that should be a wake-up call for students.

1.  Free Papers

Nothing of worth is free in the world except for the air we use to breathe. If a writing company offers free papers, then, it is more likely that these are not quality papers. Your samples have to be unique for you to make use of them, but if any writing service is offering you papers free of charge, then you can be sure they will not take their time to deliver the best papers for you. In these tough financial times, the idea of free papers may excite you, but if you want to pass your classes with flying colors, you should avoid such good-for-nothing agencies at any cost.

2.  Payment Before Submission

This is another thing that you should be on the lookout for when seeking a writing service for your essay sample. It’s not the norm for writing companies to ask for the full payment before they submit the completed assignment, and if you happen to work with one that makes such a request, then you should be careful not to be conned. Clients should only pay for their papers when they are satisfied with the work delivered. Companies asking you to pay before submission could have some ulterior motives. Students should, therefore, insist on evidence that the work has been done properly before they make any payment.

3.  No Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee is one of the indicators of quality when it comes to writing services. If a writing company is confident of the quality of the papers they output, they would have no problem making such a guarantee. Without such an option, you may receive a plagiarized paper or one with a lot of errors, and you would have no way to ask for your money back. Students should, therefore, only use services that offer them a refund if they do not have an ability to meet all the needed requirements.

When buying academic papers, students should be careful so as not to be duped by the writing services. Above are some of the situation that you have to look out for so as to ensure that you are going to receive the best sample essays and academic papers.

Sample Essay on Dark0de: The Secret Market of Hacking Services

hackers ningun sistema esDark0de, the disreputable hacker forum and illegal internet malware marketplace, was arrested a few weeks ago by the US and European law enforcement agencies. Nonetheless, the cybercrime forum is now completely live and functions on the basis of a new domain actively promoting the range of new features and services.

Among the internet users, the Darkode is commonly known as the most creative internet criminal forum to date to trade and barter hacking botnets and malware, run spam attacks and so on. At the beginning of 2013, the Darkode came under a massive DDoS attack switching to the that is a member of the Stophaus campaign.
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Found an Essay Bag? Make Sure It’s Full of What You Need!

Almost every custom writing website claims to provide you with the best research papers that are not just affordably priced but also written perfectly. Is it just a trick to attract your attention and wallet or honest promises you should stick to? Before you dive into an essay bag you found online, ask yourself, “can I entrust my assignment to this service? Are they reliable?” or just make sure to follow the guidelines we have provided within the article to ease the process of choosing the right service to co-work with. Continue reading

Best Writing Services: Do They Have Pros and Cons?

We’re sorry to say, but even the best writing services have their negative sides. You can find a lot of custom writing companies all over the web, nevertheless, all of them are actually illegal. Of course, it is not forbidden to make use of the writing service to solve your academic problems. Nonetheless, none of the USA colleges or universities will ever support your decision to co-operate with one of the writing industry representatives. So, it is only up to you to decide whether you need to take this risk. In this article we’ll inform you about all the pros and cons of the custom writing agencies so that you could see all the circumstances where using online writing help is ethically justified or morally abhorrent. Continue reading

Choosing the BEST Dissertation Writing Service for Your Academic Needs

The world of Internet is a great advantage for the students, who are overburdened with tons of assignments they have to accomplish in their everyday academic life. One of the brightest options provided by the World Wide Web is the dissertation writing from competent online experts. All you should do is just to make several clicks to find the right writing service for your needs. Continue reading

What Do You Need to Know when Ordering a Dissertation

Your dissertation is probably the most important piece of writing you are going to work on in your entire academic career and, naturally, it requires extraordinary effort to complete it properly and to get good results. The same goes for ordering it from a writing service – when you buy an essay, you may afford to gamble and order it from the first agency you encounter by the first writer you are offered and hope that everything will turn out alright. Continue reading