Personal Statement: What Is It About?

personal statementBy means of a professionally writing a personal statement one gets an opportunity to provide the scholarship or admissions committee with a more complete view of your skills and qualifications than any other resume or application form. The personal statement usually includes your interests, experiences, expectations for the nearest future and so on. Moreover, it also helps the committee to properly evaluate the level of your writing skills.

    Getting the personal statement done, make sure to ask the following questions:

  • Why have you decided to apply for this or that program and why you are the one the committee has to pick?
  • Your number one task is to show that you and the program of your choice are a perfect fit. Every issue you mention in your statement must be addressed to these important questions.

  • Is there anything missing from the personal statement file?
  • Imagine yourself in the committee’s shoes. What kind of info do they already have about your personality? Do they have a transcript? Then there’s no need to tell them about all the high grades you have. Make sure to use personal statement in order to ADD some new facts about your life.

  • What past experiences have you had that are necessary for the career pursuing?
  • What experiences of yours make you unique?
  • Have you ever faced any obstacle on your way to the educational career level you have now?

Important actions to take when dealing with the personal statement:

Know Your Requirements
The point is that different fields and academic programs have different demands for the personal statements. Your task is to read them from A to Z and follow them accurately.

Take Your Audience into Consideration
What are your readers searching for in an applicant? Are they experts or amateurs in your particular area? Are they aware of technical terms you’re using?

Promote Yourself
Create a list of your greatest achievements. Then pick 2-3 that are the most closely related to the application. Create a list of 15 adjectives that describe you in the most precise manner. Stick to 2-3 that are the most relevant to a particular application.

Choose Your Theme
The cornerstone of a successful personal statement is concentrating on your adjectives and achievements and integrating them into a solid theme. Don’t turn your statement into a ‘life story essay.’ An engaging story that tells your readers who you are will be OK.

Be Confident
Make sure to use decisive language and be honest without confessing a lot.
And finally, ensure to take risks. When writing a personal statement you want to stand out from the other applicants, which is why taking risks in your work and content is a must. Do your best to balance all the benefits of taking risks with how crucial it is for you to join the program and how strong you feel as a potential candidate.