Writing a Review Essay on Your Own

Reviews are one of the more widespread kinds of essays – if you are studying a discipline that presupposes essay writing in general, you are more than likely to encounter reviews sooner or later in your academic career. If you are asking yourself how to write a review essay without resorting to the assistance of writing services, a couple of tips that may help you.

It may sound trivial, but when you write a review it really helps to be familiar with the subject material. It is rather easy if you write a review on a movie, an article or short story, but if you are supposed to elaborate on a larger work, it may cause difficulties. Of course, if you have a lot of time you may actually read the entire book in question, but usually you don’t have this opportunity – teachers and professors usually give you homework without taking into account the fact that their subject isn’t the only one you are studying at the moment, and that you, in fact, have similar tasks to be written on several other disciplines. In such cases it may help to read a review or a critical article written by somebody else – not to copy it into your own paper but to get at least general understanding of what you are supposed to review.

It may help if you are familiar with other works by the same author – teachers and professors value it when their students are capable of evaluating something as a part of a bigger picture.

If your review presupposes a certain amount of analysis, you may try to impress your teacher by being unique in your understanding of the subject matter. Look at the text (movie, article, etc.) and try to think of a highly unusual way of seeing it. Make some far-fetched conclusion, which, nevertheless, cannot be disproved. You don’t have to believe it yourself or even to consider it in any way probable – you only have to make it look deep without being too absurd. With any luck your teacher will be impressed with your having your own and highly unusual opinion to consider it a good enough reason to give you a good grade.

Just like in any other kind of written work a certain amount of originality can easily increase your chances of success even if the overall implementation of your idea leaves much to be desired.