How to Write an Autobiographical Essay

autobiographyThere are people who like writing and know how to write autobiographical essay, but there are more of those who dread it and hate it. Writing about something unfamiliar or about the topic you are not good at is challenging, yet engaging. But if it’s an essay about your life or something based on your personal experience, it can be not just fun to do, but easy as well. Compiling a biography paper is fun, but writing an autobiography is more fun. The difference between the two of them is that a biography is writing about someone else’s life and an autobiography is writing about yours and from your own point of view.
The only thing that is difficult in an autobiographical essay writing process is to choose the right story to tell, make it short and present it in an interesting way. Autobiographical essay consists of six writing stages, each stage is important and is to be taken into account. Five tips below may help you follow the process and learn how to write autobiographical essay to stand out from the others.

Pick a Story

It’s no doubt that your life is full of amazing events and interesting stories you would like to share with people. But you need to choose the one that is not only to your liking, but will be to the liking of others as well. It can be a story about your greatest achievement in school or college, memorable event from childhood or a break-up story that changed and influenced your future greatly. As a rule, such stories are focused on the event that changed you for better and made a great impact on your further life and personality.

Target the Audience

The target audience and the people who will be reading your paper are to be taken into consideration. You need to capture the reader’s attention as much as you can. We all think that we are so different, but when it comes to sharing it turns out that there is a lot of common. Some people happened to be in exactly the same situations as you were. They could have the similar situation or be in the same trouble as you and who knows, maybe your recommendations or life experience can help them solve their matters.

Make It Catchy

Nice beginning with a creative statement or quote of yours may be a good attention grabber. There can also be a thought-provoking question or a constant dilemma of our days at the beginning of the essay. Writing about ordinary life accomplishments is boring, so try to dwell on something that makes you special and different from everyone else. Choosing the event to write about is not the most difficult part, the most difficult one is to make the event interesting and memorable.

Structure It Well

The main parts in an autobiographical essay are: introduction, body and conclusion. Try to make the story short, follow the logic and make it easy to read and understand. Whatever question or message you have at the beginning of the paper must have an answer in your conclusion.

Mind Your Writing Style

This is your chance to show off your writing skills and to win the audience. In your story you are the main character and at the same time you are the writer who tells this story. Your story must have a message or a moral and every reader has to find something useful in it. Your last sentence must reflect your general idea and the lesson you have learned due to this experience, it has to be a food for thought for everyone.

To sum up, you need to keep in mind that your writing should be concise and try not to go into unnecessary details.