What is an exploratory essay and how to deal with it?

Exploratory essay… Yes, that’s the one you have probably seen in one of your latest nightmares. But no need to worry! Here is some basic info on what an exploratory essay is and how to cope with one in the shortest terms.

The key aspect you’re supposed to be aware of is that exploratory essay type is the kind of a written assignment that is not necessary to be based on a clear idea of the subject that you, as the author, will write about. Great, ha? The thing is that working on an exploratory essay you can simply breathe out, take it easy and give your preference to an unfamiliar topic. You will get into the subject and make it clear for yourself and your readers in the process of research. The exploratory essay’s aim is to gain knowledge of the subject rather than demonstrate or prove that you already know something.

Now your task is to pick a problem that is interesting for you and you will gladly investigate. In case you make your choice on something you don’t give a damn, the writing process will turn into an eternal disaster, it will be extremely difficult for you to produce content, and the project will 100% be a mess. As an example, we will be discussing the exploratory essay writing process on teen pregnancy.

The first thing you have to do is to create a solid outline and produce various solutions to the problems you gave preference to. Some possible methods to cope with the problem in modern society include the following: 1) informing girls at high school establishments on teen sex consequences; 2) providing teenagers with both – virtual and real-life help at hand from professional and reliable specialists, instead of making them get through illegal abortions and long-time treatment.

Make sure to list all the respective weaknesses and strengths of each solution you have provided above. The strength points of the “remedies” mentioned above include making it way easier for the teenagers to deal with the problems they face with as they are getting into the grown-up world. The weaknesses may be related to the fact that the majority of teens are self-oriented and find it hard to get along with the grown-ups they can trust.

Work on an introductive section in which you are required to mention a hooking lead-in and a solid context for the exploratory essay problem you are going to be addressing to in the body of the project. For instance, you could mention some terrifying fact regarding the problem you’re handling, “8 out of 10 teen fathers never marry the mother of their kid” or “sexually active teenagers who do not make use of contraceptives have 90% chance of getting pregnant within ONE year.” How can we sleep at night, you could ask, when there is such a hellish social abrasion? How qualified are those people at “health care programs” if they work for only one reason – money?

Make certain to explore the specifics of the possible solutions of your essay problem. Moreover, it is recommended to properly enumerate the reasons why they might turn to be successful or why they should fail. Providing real-life or just hypothetical examples for all the scenarios you have worked out will give a solid ground to your paper. By conducting a thorough research among the teenagers who have already faced with the pregnancy problem and the young people who have not – you could compare their “обознанность” on the problem and check the most significant difference. Make sure to guarantee 100% confidentiality once you’re interviewing someone.

Sum up the exploratory essay by providing short comments on everything that you have successfully explored. Cite the research specifics of what information you’ve gained. Diagrams, surveys, etc. are always welcome!