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Writing’s for Nerds You Say? Check These 4 Famous Examples of Writing That Changed The World

WritingIf you’re a college student and your academic progress is the matter against which the envy of the others seems to be principally directed then you’ve thought more than once about becoming a college president. What are the most desired skills needed to get on the pedestal? Financial acumen? Charisma? Those are good, but the right answer will surprise you. The writing skills! There really are in fact a few pieces of writing that changed the world.

How Could Writing Be So Important?

Whether it’s politics, business or academic environment, the majority of serious corporate decisions include complex choices. In order to get a better idea of the problem complexity and come up with possible solutions, the board members and executives need to use written communications. The professionally written report can give you a clear view on a data, as well as demonstrate the level of analysis that is difficult or even impossible to convey in oral manner.
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SAT Answers Leak: Bad Break for SAT

child schoolSAT is a punctuation, spelling and grammar test that will be taken by children between the age of 10 and 11 in the UK has been uploaded on the web by a rogue marker. In recent weeks, that’s the second incident.

The test was prepared specially for almost 600 000 school pupils. But the problem is that both the test and the answers were published online on the site of the department’s contractor. The list of the words that children were supposed to spell popped up on the internet for a short period of time by mistake. Before the SAT answers leak, the answers have been there for several hours. Continue reading

South African Student Rallies

protestThe universities located in South Africa have faced multiple protests among the students. The massive disruption among the society is linked by an excessively strong common thread. Now, the place at the local public university is affordable for a really small number of potential students.

Protests of the students have appeared in various forms. For instance, at the University of the Western Cape, its students made a decision to become a part of the trade unions. This enabled them to protect from the low wages and the academic debts. As for the University of the Free State, the spectators of the rugby match had joined the student demonstrators and thus, turned the event into violence. Continue reading

7 Things You Didn’t Know about Search Engines

search enginesOnline research has become an essential part of any kind of work, be it online or printed one. What usually requires many long hours in libraries can be quickly done via smartphones or tablets. Moreover, it’s not a kind of magic anymore, when the question is about getting in touch with famous personas. Using the World Wide Web and its advanced search features, one can touch the sky. Continue reading

7 Strategies of Effective Communication

effective communicationThe success in academic world depends largely on how eloquently, effectively and confidently a student can communicate. The ability to express your thoughts and ideas in a concise and professional manner is a minimum requirement of colleges and universities when evaluating students’ knowledge. Whatever the discipline, college and university professors require an extensive and frequent use of oral communication in a class. Effective communication involves some strategies one can apply to boost his/her ability for public speaking. Continue reading

What is Effective Communication and Why Do I Need That?

effective communicationEffective communication with the others is directly related to selecting the most suitable words in this or that situation. Some experts would agree that professional communication is a sort of an art and they’re right to some extent since the right word chosen in a particular situation may cause a real breakthrough in the marketplace!

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The Pressure of Academic World and Ways to Release It

student stressAs your semester fires up and your academic schedule fills up, you feel like you’re losing your ground. You’re counting the days left before the vocation since there’s no way that you can study twenty four hours a day any longer. For all those craving for the summer break, we provide these simple tips on how to handle college stress and make academic life running smoothly. Continue reading

The National Museum of Language: I Bet You Haven’t Heard of It

museum of languageThe National Museum of Language… Does it sound familiar to you? Definitely not. Although the establishment is a small one, each of the experts studies carefully the transformative powers of language.

The doors of the Museum got opened in 2008 after a long decade of making. It is important to mention that there are not more than only three museums on the globe with the same focus of studying – the history, the impact, as well as the art of language. Continue reading

How to Assign the Task to a Writer to Avoid Revision

task to a writerSince it may be not easy to accomplish academic paper on your own – especially when you have neither time nor writing skills – it makes sense to approach online custom writers for professional help. But when you’re ready to make your choice and it seems like you have found the most brilliant writer of all time, it’s time to exert every effort to inform the writer on what exactly you’re required to include in your project. The point is that even the tiniest error in the instruction may cause the further misunderstanding and low quality of work. Continue reading

Education Charity in Poor Countries

languageIn our rapidly developing world, it’s education that gives us the skills we are in need of to overcome poverty, address social issues, and enhance the well-being and health of the community we live in. It’s in poor countries, where teaching programs are especially required since education is the crucial driver of economic empowerment for both – countries and their citizens.
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