4 Significant Reasons to Attend University Classes

There are many reasons to justify skipping classes, and some of them really make sense. For example, if attendance doesn’t impact the final grade, why do you have to waste your time within the university walls and listen to the boring lectures when you can cover the material faster on your own? Seems logical. Or, if on another occasion, all the information provided in the course during the classes is available either in a textbook or online, and your professor’s presentation of the data is not that clear, it’s obvious that you will choose to stay home or to spend your time with more use.

But there are also less reasonable reasons like partying all night and inability to get up the next morning. The excuse that a certain class is your first/last within the day, so you choose to skip it because you’re lazy to wake up early or to sit till the end of the studies, sounds lame as well. And, while you’re feeding yourself with these pre-texts, you need to know that workshops and lectures aren’t created just to add more troubles to your student life. They are designed to develop some significant skills in you and provide you with additional benefits. If you want to learn which exactly, continue reading!

1.  Communication

Interpersonal skills are vital for you, and that’s exactly what you master first during the classes. You learn to speak up when professors ask for your opinion, to justify your thoughts when someone disagrees with you and to act confidently when you talk. You can acquire these skills sitting at home and browsing Facebook.

2.  Discipline

Coming to the university at a specific hour or completing some kind of task in a limited period of time teaches you to be focused, punctual and level-headed. There is a reason why professors don’t babysit college students like teachers do in schools – students need to learn self-discipline. If you fail at that, you must bear the consequences.

3.  Extra Points

Even when you don’t earn any credit for attendance, you still can make some extra points if you are active enough. You can answer professor’s questions directed at the audience, participate in discussions and get remembered. And believe us, this might be a game changer during the exams.

4.  Unique Info

Despite the Internet and availability of any data out there, you might still miss some valuable information during the classes. Your professors may have worked in the domain they’re teaching in, so real-life examples will come as illustrations to all the theory blocks, and this is already something that will be hard to find on the Internet.

There are 4 main reasons not to skip classes. We’re not saying that you have to attend every lecture or workshop on all of your courses, but being present on the majority of classes will bring you only benefits.