Sample Essay on Unexpected Products that DO Have an Expiry Date

In reality, a lot of even the most ordinary things have expiration dates. But the majority of people are clueless about it and keep on using them bearing serious consequences afterward. Cover our sample essay that dwells upon the issue and learn a lot of unexpected information.

When people hear the phrase “expiration date”, the first thing they think about is milk or meat because these are the most common foods that cause a lot of trouble if eaten addle. The positive side of the issue is that the consequences show themselves very quickly, and it is possible to tackle the problem with minimum harm. But there are other items that have expiry dates and the aftermaths appear after a long period of misuse – and the most important thing is that they are far more serious than food intoxication.

If we talk about some cloth items, it is necessary to remember that the maximum period it is allowed to use, say, a pillow is 3 years. After that, it loses its shape causing headaches, as well as neck pain, and becomes a perfect environment for dust and bedbugs. There are also slippers that you can avail of for 6 months tops. If used longer, they can turn into a place with favorable conditions for fungus. The similar issue is with the towels that are often left wet creating a good environment for bacteria. As for other unexpected things, we can count here running shoes as well – they have a 1-year living cycle. Later, the special technology of cushioning is tramped in and the pressure on the joints increases.

Besides fabric items, different household tools also have an expiration point. For instance, the power strip can be employed for 1-2 years because afterward, it can lead to electricity failures, or even worse, fires. It’s the same with power sockets. It doesn’t matter that the manufacturers don’t write expiry dates on the packages – the specialists recommend to dispose of them and install the new ones every 4-5 years to avoid serious damage and consequences.

The danger also lurks in the bathrooms. Such washing accessories like sponges and shower poufs can be the causes of mold and fungus if they are not replaced every 2-3 weeks. What is more, the toothbrush should also be changed once in 3 months to stave off various bacteria. In addition, it is better to throw it away when one catches a cold or another infectious illness. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult to treat it.

Altogether, there are many items in our houses that have been there for years (or even for decades). However, it is significant to periodically replace all the items that surround us because time spares nothing. So, it’s a good idea to organize revisions once in several months if it concerns the things of everyday usage, and once in several years for items with a longer living cycle.


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