Typical Mistakes in Essay Writing

In the essay writing process, a number of common mistakes are made, that usually are not noticed by the author but are never missed by your educated and experienced professor who will grade your essay! Perhaps the most common error in essay writing is misspelled words. This type of mistake typically occurs when students are required to submit handwritten essays. Even students who use a modern word processor such as Microsoft Word that highlights mistakes, can still make errors when transposing their essay onto paper by hand. The best recommendation is to make sure that you carefully proofread your handwritten essay (ideally several times).

The most common mistake encountered in the essay writing process are grammatical errors, for example, the incorrect use of its or it’s. In this simple example the writer intended to use the possessive word for a thing, animal or being but ended up inadvertently using the conjunctive short form. Unfortunately, Microsoft Word does not recognize such errors. For that reason they are usually left unnoticed, but not by your ‘tough’ tutor who lowers your grade accordingly.

It is no wonder that punctuation mistakes take a leading position in a list of typical essay writing errors, and most likely head the list. The problem with punctuation errors is that there are no rules of thumb. If your use of punctuation marks is excessive, your tutor will probably be offended, believing that you (the author) are trying to demonstrate a greater command of English than warranted. When a college professor notices your mistake (and that will happen in the twinkle of an eye) – there’s no argument you can make to convince them that you are not illiterate. The question – what is the right balance for an essay writer – usually receives different answers depending on the tolerance level of the tutor (which as we all know is low).

Another typical mistake pops up when an author uses paragraph breaks inappropriately. It is usual to discuss only one idea within each paragraph. Nevertheless, many writers usually make the typical error of changing ideas within the same paragraph, no doubt confusing the reader. The result is long winded paragraphs that are overburdened with too many ideas.

Last but by no means least, a further cardinal error is failing to comply with the page limit demands that were defined by your tutor. You may kid yourself that this error is a consequence of you having so many good ideas that you exceeded your specified word count, and therefore the page limit, by your needless enthusiasm. Perhaps it was a technical failure on your part to format your document correctly. Whatever the reason, rest assured that your tutor will 100% point out this typical essay writing error and reduce your grade accordingly!

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